in condemning a repeated mistake; When all the businesses have faced problems due to the internet outage


In a report published by Shargh newspaper, due to the internet outage in recent weeks, about 300,000 online stores have been closed, a market that is almost as large as 750 traditional markets in Tajrish.

Reza Alfat Nasab, a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Virtual Businesses, announced that there are 300,000 virtual businesses active in Iran.


Meanwhile, about 400 shops are operating in the traditional market of Tajrish, which is one of the largest traditional markets in the country, and in this way, a market equal to 750 traditional markets of Tajrish in the country has been closed.

Sharq newspaper mentioned in its report that about 9 million Iranians have closed the shutters of their online business.

Meanwhile, about 12 million people earn directly and indirectly from the country’s digital currency market, and this market is almost closed.

Market of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies

Ali Pakbakhtegan Zanjani, the director of Iran’s Blockchain House, said about the disruption of the cryptocurrency market: the main platform of Bitcoin and any other digital currency is the Internet. It is the Internet that turned Bitcoin into a digital currency and made it possible to extract and trade it, so its interruption may cause irreparable losses for users.

Doctors and embassies

In this report, the impact of the internet shutdown on other businesses has also been discussed, for example, doctors have stated that they have had problems writing electronic prescriptions, even embassies have stated that the reason for the slowness with the suspension of issuing visas for Iranians is due to widespread internet disruptions. .

Decrease in postal revenue

Mahmoud Liai, the CEO of the Post Company, recently announced that due to the disruptions, the company’s income has decreased to a third, and this shows that a third of the postal shipments and transactions were done through the international Internet and foreign platforms. .

Reducing the income of online sites

Of course, the interruption of the internet in general has caused the people’s use of various programs and services to significantly decrease, most of the online media have had problems, and especially the user login from Google has decreased a lot, this is the case that the IT Rasan site and All our online media partners are struggling with it.

Reducing the income of various applications

In this regard, many sites and applications have also announced that they have faced a decrease in income, for example, the startup iQasa, which operates in the field of children, has announced that it has lost 52% of its income in the last month.

Also, Beeptones online store announced that it has faced a 45% decrease in sales.

These cases are despite the fact that online media with internal platforms did not face Internet restrictions, but in general, people’s use of the Internet and internal services has decreased. The closure of social platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp has reduced people’s desire to use Internet services.

Will business losses be compensated?

Hossein Selahvarzi, the vice president of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, has recently announced that due to extensive filtering, we are witnessing a 30% increase in the use of VPNs, large businesses have also suffered due to the internet outage, and according to businessmen, foreign parties cannot be forced to Use internal messengers.

He said: frequent internet outages increase the migration of elites and startups and decrease investment.

In this regard, Ehsan Khandozi, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, said: The government has prepared a support package for economic activists to compensate for the permanent damage of the Internet in the past weeks, which will be announced soon.

The Minister of Economy also promised that the damages caused to the businesses will be paid, although these promises are usually not fulfilled for all businesses and it is not clear how the Minister wants to calculate the exact amount of the damage caused to all businesses and pay them. slow? Also, does the Ministry of Economy really have the ability to pay such heavy damages? Based on past experiences, it does not seem like this.

The Minister of Economy emphasized that the recent events caused real damage to the economy, he said in this regard: We must recognize the damage caused to economic sectors because the security of business and investment, various economic indicators and people’s livelihood including the activists of the real sector of the economy, traders and guilds have been affected.

In this regard, Khandoozi said: Business and investment security is a matter of understanding between the government and the private sector, and based on this, we are looking for the return of peace and security to this sector.

Golan sellers of filter breakers

Selling software for changing IP and bypassing filtering in our country is very common, convenient and available; So that the financial turnover of this market reached 100 billion tomans in 2012!

To be honest, in the age of communication, filtering has never stopped people from using a particular service or program, but has increased their need to spend more money and endure more difficulty to bypass it. Therefore, this amount of 100 billion Tomans has increased significantly in recent years and the filtering of many other popular services (such as Telegram, which had 62 million Iranian users) and as a result of the increased need to bypass filtering, has reached higher amounts.

According to recent estimates and reports, the financial turnover of this market has reached 1000 billion Tomans; A huge amount that is very profitable for dealers.

Streamlining authorities to enforce the use of native platforms

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communications has asked people to migrate to domestic messengers and develop their business on native platforms.

The Minister of Communications has so far made statements that increase the possibility of Instagram being filtered after the end of the protests. He said in this regard: There was no plan for filtering this application, but due to the fact that Instagram did not adhere to the rules, the competent authorities decided on this. to revise the policies.

According to Zarepour’s words, the possibility of Instagram being filtered increased.

According to the recent events and attacks on foreign platforms, it seems that all kinds of accusations will be brought to these platforms to prevent them from continuing their activities. Not long ago, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, the Attorney General of the country, said in his words: We should have had the foresight to create an internal network with the help of the youth’s thinking, instead of using an external program, when people’s business was not yet in the virtual space. These omissions, faults and intentionality in not paying attention to the emphasis of the Supreme Leader, have brought us here today to witness the holding of classes for crime, indecency and promiscuity on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Also, Morteza Agha Tehrani, the head of the cultural commission of the Majlis, announced regarding the management of virtual space: We must bring better than WhatsApp and other platforms so that people can choose for themselves. The children of this border must create strong servers inside the country, ita was launched by 5 students.

The story continues…

But the bigger problem is that all these problems and financial losses caused by the internet disconnection continue and have not ended. Many times government officials and the Minister of Communications have said in their speeches that the connection to the Internet will happen with the decision of the competent authorities.

Ali Bahadri Jahormi, the spokesperson of the government, said in his press conference regarding the time of reconnection of the foreign internet: “Naturally, security issues are identified by the officials of the National Security Council Secretariat, who make decisions in this field by monitoring the situation from moment to moment.”

In this way, no specific time can be determined for the end of these incidents and the huge economic losses regarding businesses, this situation continues and no special measures have been taken for it.

In the end, we can refer to the tweet of Mohammad Sarafraz, the former head of the Broadcasting Organization and the current member of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace.

Sarafaraz wrote: You have created an enemy called virtual space and you blame your mistakes and inefficiencies on it. The space that people have paid for business and current affairs is called security and you cut it indefinitely! Don’t you create insecurity?

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