Huawei unveiled the EMUI 13 user interface with new and attractive features


After a long wait, Huawei has finally unveiled a new version of its own user interface for the Android operating system called EMUI 13. This package is available to global Huawei users. The HarmonyOS 3 operating system was released earlier in July in China, and EMUI 13 is basically its global version. Of course, HarmonyOS 3 and EMUI 13 are not two identical platforms.

With the official unveiling of EMUI 13, Huawei has brought new features to its global users. Huawei’s new user interface has several new features such as Drag to Share, SuperStorage, Smart Personalized Interactions and more. Next, we will examine the most important features and changes applied in the EMUI 13 interface.


The Drag to Share feature allows you to long press any text, image or file you want. Then you can drag the desired item to the SuperHub section and paste it there. Also, by dragging this item, you can easily share it with any connected app or device. Also, thanks to the SuperHub feature, you can find previously pasted or shared content and delete or reuse it.

The SuperStorage feature will save your smartphone’s storage space. This feature allows you to free up to 20 GB of storage space on your device. This is done by accumulating duplicate files, compressing less-used apps, and removing unnecessary downloads.

The Super Device and Multi-Screen Collaboration feature is basically the same collaboration capability between different Huawei devices, including Huawei Vision, Huawei Matebook and Huawei MatePad Paper. If users use any of these devices, they can benefit from the integrated interaction between them. Also, the feature of multi-screen collaboration (Multi-Screen Collaboration) includes the horizontal window mode, which provides the possibility of running programs in large horizontal windows.

The Music Share feature allows you to play music on 2 different sets of earphones. Thus, users can play the same song on 2 different earphones using one phone. At the moment, Huawei has not provided more explanations about the function of this feature. In addition, the Chinese company also unveiled some privacy-related features.

Huawei’s EMUI 13 user interface has also been upgraded in terms of privacy. Now, by referring to the settings section, users will see the use of a feature called Privacy Center. In this section, the number of times programs access users’ personal information is analyzed. This feature includes a dashboard and system-level security risk detection system. Also, this security center scans programs to deal with threats such as viruses or annoying behavior.

The above are basically all the details published about EMUI 13 up to this moment. Huawei has not provided its roadmap for the release of the EMUI 13 user interface. Therefore, it is not yet clear when the release of this firmware for the company’s products will begin. However, Huawei will probably announce more details in this regard in the coming days.

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