Huawei has resumed the sale of smartphones in the Russian market



The Chinese company Huawei has resumed the delivery of its smartphones and other products in the Russian market. Russian newspaper Izvestia learned about this on Wednesday through sources close to Huawei and several electronics manufacturing partners. Sources involved recently claimed that Huawei is preparing to deliver a new series of orders placed by Russian customers.

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Eldar Mortazin; On the same day, the senior analyst of the Mobile Research Group announced in a post on his Telegram channel that the process of delivering Huawei orders to Russia has resumed. According to him, the supply of Huawei products will be resumed through selected partners and the company’s official website within the next 2 weeks. At the same time, Huawei’s spokesperson refused to provide any explanation about the conditions for resuming the delivery of orders in Russia.


Huawei had previously announced that the company’s official stores in Russia will be closed from the beginning of June. However, in the first phase, only 4 branches out of 19 official Huawei stores in Russia stopped their activities. This decision was justified by the announcement of the lack of Chinese brand electronics and related spare parts in Russian warehouses.

Huawei has restarted the export of smartphones and other electronic devices to Russia

Izvestia newspaper has clearly informed that the main problem is related to the lack of battery and screen. In addition, all other spare parts had to be ordered. Meanwhile, representatives of authorized companies also gave similar answers. At the same time, smartphone sellers claim that the demand for electronics manufactured by Chinese companies in Russia is very high. Currently, Chinese products control about two-thirds of the Russian market.

Experts claim that the growth of sales of Chinese products is due to the cessation of sales of gadgets produced by the world’s technology giants, including Samsung and Apple, in the Russian market. Now the share of these brands in the Russian smartphone market has decreased significantly. As a result, during the first 3 months of 2022, Xiaomi surpassed Samsung and took the title of the best-selling smartphone brand in the Russian Federation. In addition, other Chinese manufacturers also managed to strengthen their position in the Russian market. For example, Realme’s market share increased from 8.3% to 13%.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States imposed tough sanctions against the country, and as a result, many foreign companies stopped operating in Russia. However, some of these companies have returned to the country’s market with different names after selling their subsidiaries.

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