How to send location? Training to send location on Telegram, WhatsApp and Instagram


Have you ever wondered how to send a location on WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram or share a location from Google Maps? In this article, we will teach you how to send the location of another place or send a live location on WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and Google Maps.

Sending location in today’s world and age of communication is a very practical and interesting possibility. In fact, location sending is one of those parts of technology that is very useful in everyday life. This makes it difficult to live without it if you experience it several times!


Imagine that you want to arrange a date in a cafe or restaurant that is not known to everyone. The easiest way is to send the destination location to all your guests. Easily by clicking on the posted location, they can see its location and even navigate.

One of the most useful features related to location, sharing live location or capability Live Location We will teach it as well.

What is the ability to send live location or live location?

Remember the time when location sharing didn’t exist. When you had a date with someone in a fixed place or you were moving towards each other from two different origins, you didn’t know where your other person was or when and where you could meet.

Back then, we all wished there was a way to know where the other person was at the moment or when they would arrive, or if we were walking down the same street towards each other, we were afraid we’d passed each other!

With the ability to share and send live location (live location), all these problems have been completely solved! With this feature, you can see the position of the other party at any moment and without the need to call each other, ask and answer questions, get involved in the address or try to find each other by saying the names of the shops; Easily compare your location on the map and reach each other.

In each section where we teach you how to send location on different platforms of Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google Map, we also check how to share live location in those applications.

Training to send location in Telegram

One of the most powerful messengers in the history of technology and virtual space. TelegramAs expected, it has established various facilities for sharing live location, sending specific location or sending your current location.

Send location via Telegram

Among all the programs that exist, Telegram probably has the most optimal and suitable location sending feature. But due to the connection problems of IP change or proxy programs in Iran, you may have problems if you don’t have a proper antenna on the street.

Let’s go to the steps of sending the location of your place, another place or sharing the live location:

  • Open the Telegram app and then open someone’s chat.
  • Click on the pin icon and then on the location icon (Location) click.
  • The location sending page opens in Telegram. In this section, you have several options:

How to send location via Telegram

“Send selected location” option

Using this option, you will send the location you selected on the map to your contact. You can change the selected location by holding your hand on the desired part of the map and then send. This position can be any point on the world map!

“…Share My Live Location for” option

This possibility is the same as sharing your live location. By clicking this option, your position will be visible to the other person at any moment for a specific period of time that you choose. After choosing this option, you can also choose its duration.
After sharing the live location, you can click on the cross icon x which is displayed at the top of the Telegram chat screen, stop it. Otherwise, it will automatically stop after the specified time.

“Or choose a venue” section

In this section, you can send the location of important places around the location you choose to your contact. If you change the selected position, an option with the text “Places in this area» appears at the top of the page. By clicking on it, the important places of that point will be displayed in this section. All kinds of shops, restaurants, cafes, attractions and any place registered on the Google Play map will be available here.
We for example Tehran Revolution Square We chose and as you can see, we can also send the location of the Revolution metro station.

Change map mode to satellite map model

Another interesting possibility that is available in almost every map is to change the map mode to satellite model. Use the upper right layer icon and switch to map mode satellite let the.

Send live location or other location in Whatsapp

WhatsApp has all the necessary features, except in the location section. By the way, WhatsApp can be a better option than Telegram for sharing live location in Iran. In the following, we will review the steps of sending the location of your location, another desired location and sharing the live location on WhatsApp:

Sending the location of another place through WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp program and enter the chat of the desired person.
  • Click on the pin icon and then location.Location)
  • Now in this section, you will come across several options:

Sending the location of another place on WhatsApp

Send live location (Live Location) on WhatsApp

To share your live location with others, select “Share live location” use. After clicking on this option, you must select the time period for which your live location is going to be available to your audience.

Send current location on WhatsApp

For this, from the option “Send your current location” use. According to WhatsApp, this location can have an error of up to 15 meters.

Sending the location of another place on WhatsApp

This part is the problem of most WhatsApp users. Most users have problems with sending the location of another place on WhatsApp; That means they can’t actually find it! If you have the same problem, pay attention to the photo on the right. Select the icon on the top left of the WhatsApp location section to make it full screen. Then you can move the location icon in the middle of the screen and then at the end “Send this location” Choose. The location of your chosen location will be sent.

“Nearby places” section

In this section, you can see the location of various shops such as restaurants, cafes, etc. By selecting any of them, send its location to the target audience.

Send location via Google map

The world’s most famous and popular map and navigation app Google Maps Is. Naturally, Google Map also provides the possibility of sending the location of a specific place for users.

Sending a location in Google Map is done in the form of copying the link. In fact, this issue has made it possible for you to share the Google Map location on all messengers, social networks and other platforms through that link.

To copy the location link of a place, follow the steps below:

Send the location through Google Map and copy the link

  • Enter the Google Maps application.
  • Select the location you want by holding your finger on it. For well-known places, like the Freedom Tower, you can tap on it.
  • After the location is selected, from the “Share” use.
  • Then you can contact (for SMS) Select the program you want. If the application you want is not in the list, select “More» Use to find it. Also, in this section, you can click on the “Copy to clipboard“, copy the link of this location to your clipboard to paste it wherever needed.
Note For unknown reasons, which most likely originates from Iran’s IP, sometimes the location link sent to the other party is not displayed. In this case, your target audience should copy that link and paste it in their browser to see the location sent by you.
You can also copy the link through your browser to send a link that is more likely to be opened Web version of Google Maps Go through and finally the link URL Copy your browser.

Google Maps also provides the possibility of sharing live location. To do this, you must first click on your photo on the top right of the main page of Google Maps, and then click on the “Location sharing” Choose. After that, you have to send the link to the other party through your choice. But unfortunately, this part is not very practical in Iran and most users face problems. No matter how hard we tried, we could not find a way to permanently and guarantee this problem. So, in general, we recommend using Telegram or WhatsApp to share and send live location.

Training to send location in Instagram

The way to send the location on Instagram is exactly related to the previous part of our training! Instagram, unlike Telegram or WhatsApp, does not have the option of sending location exclusively; Therefore, you should send the location through the Google Map link.

Go through the steps of copying the Google Map link of a location as in the previous part of the tutorial. After clicking on the optionShareFind the Instagram icon and click on the optionDirect” click. Pay attention that if the Instagram direct option is not available, from the “More» Find it.

Send location on Instagram

Then send the link that you copied to your contact directly. The person you are looking for can open the location link sent through Google Map or copy and paste it in their browser, which will be a safer way to open it. As we said in the previous section, you can do the process of sharing the location or sending it through a link first in your browser and then send the link through Instagram Direct.

In this tutorial, how to send the location of your place or another place or share the live location (Live Location) and we checked a moment on Telegram, WhatsApp and Instagram platforms (via Google Map). You can also express your usage, experiences or popular way of sharing your location with your audience in the comments section.

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