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How to recover Gmail Account password in several different ways



Today Gmail goes far beyond an email service for many users, and the various Google services are tied to it. But do you know how to recover Gmail account password?

Owners of Android devices have more interaction with their Google account, and to benefit from the various features of the company’s operating system (Android), you must use the service. It is clear that in such circumstances, Forgot your Gmail password? And denial of access to it can have serious consequences. Fortunately, Google has different ways to recover Gmail Account password and lets users to use them in an emergency.

As mentioned, there are several ways to reset your Gmail password, most of which are browser-based. Therefore, if you want to recover your Gmail password, it is better to use a desktop browser to make the process faster and easier; But this is also possible through the browsers of other devices, including smartphones.

Gmail password recovery with recovery email

The simplest method To recover a Gmail password, resetting it is a recovery email that will work almost all the time. To do this, just follow the steps below:

1. Enter the Gmail service login page, then enter your email address and key Next Tap. Continue on the option Forgot Password On the left side of the key Next click. This option may be in a different position depending on the device used.

2. On the next page, Last password Remember your account in the section Enter last password type. If you do not remember the last password, enter one of the previous passwords (preferably newer).

Gmail password recovery with recovery email

3. Now go to your Inbox Recovery Email and look for an email from Google with one Six-digit recovery code Be. Note that you must have already added the recovery email to your Google Account, otherwise you can not use the method mentioned and it is better to go to the other methods mentioned below.

4. The six-digit code received in the recovery email in the field Enter code Enter the Gmail page and press the key Next Click.

Gmail password recovery with recovery email

5. You can change your Gmail password if you enter the correct code.

Change Gmail password with mobile number

In the previous section, we saw that we will need a recovery email to receive a six-digit code to change the password of your Google Account. If you have not defined recovery email for your Gmail in the past, you can through Registered mobile number Also, confirm the code in the account.

1. Visit the Google Recovery Account page to get started.

2. Enter your email address and then the key Next click.

Change Gmail password with mobile number

3. On the next screen, instead of entering the last password you remember, tap on the option Try another way On the left side of the key Next Click.

4. If you have not defined any recovery email for your account and you only have your mobile number for it, the verification code will be sent automatically via SMS. Otherwise, select your mobile number from the available options and request the confirmation code by pressing the key Send Kurds. After receiving the code, put it in the field Enter code Enter the key Next Tap.

Change Gmail password with mobile number

5. If you have entered the verification code correctly, go to the page Change Password You will go to where you can define a new password for your Google Account. The intended password in the section Create password Type and then do it again in the field Confirm do it. To be more confident and view the password, you can check the Show password option to display it. Finally on the key Save password Click to save the applied changes.

6. After changing the password, the Security Checkup screen will be displayed. At the bottom of the page on the option Continue Click.

Change Gmail password with mobile number

7. You will now be taken to the main page of your Google Account and the new password will be activated. You must use a new password to sign in to your Gmail on other devices.

Gmail password recovery without recovery email and mobile number

If you have not defined a recovery email for your Google Account and no mobile number is associated with it, there is still hope and you can use other methods.

1. As in the previous sections, log in to the Google recovery page and after entering your Gmail address, tap on the option Try another way click.

2. If you have not previously connected your mobile number to Gmail, one security question Which will be displayed when creating the defined user account. With the correct answer to this question, you can access Gmail again and set a new password for it.

Gmail password recovery without recovery email and mobile number

3. If your mobile number is connected to your Gmail account, but you do not have access to that number, first enter it in the appropriate field and click Send hit. More options I do not have my phone Select. You can now use the security question feature mentioned above.

4. If you still have access to your Gmail account on another device (such as a mobile phone), you can select Try another way after Message from Pope View on your smartphone or tablet and press the key Yes Issue the necessary permission to change the password. At this point, Google may display a multi-digit verification code that you must enter on the recovery page.

Gmail password recovery without recovery email and mobile number

How to prevent future problems?

In the previous sections, you saw that if you have a recovery email or mobile number connected to your Google account, we can easily recover your Gmail password. As a result, the sooner the better Recovery Email Add to your Gmail or Two-step verification Activate via mobile number.

Gmail password recovery

using Password management programs Another practical and useful way to prevent forgetting your Gmail password and other services. Numerous options with advanced security features are available to users for free, some of the best of which are mentioned in the “Toolbox: Top 5 Password Management Services for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS”.

Gmail password recovery

tuning Recovery codes It is another effective way to ensure permanent access to your Google Account. Google allows its users to define up to 10 recovery codes. It is better to write down the said codes on a piece of paper and keep them in a safe place. Recovery codes allow you to reset your Gmail password under any circumstances.

Gmail password recovery

Frequently Asked Questions about Gmail Password Recovery

Is it possible to recover Gmail password without mobile number and recovery email?


Yes; Fortunately, by entering old passwords, answering security questions, or accessing your Google Account on another device, such as your mobile phone or tablet, you will be able to change your password without having to receive a verification code via your mobile number or recovery email.


How to recover the password if you do not have access to the number connected to Gmail?


If you do not have access to the number associated with your Google Account, you can use other methods such as answering security questions or entering the last password by selecting the I do not have my phone option.


Can the hacked Gmail password be recovered?


Usually if your Gmail is hacked, the recovery email and the number associated with it will be changed by a third party; However, you may still be able to access your account by entering old passwords.

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