How to recover Apple ID password?

Learn how to recover apple ID password.


How to recover Apple ID password? If you want to know how to recover apple ID password, then this article is for you.

Using a secure password along with peripherals such as two-step authentication increases the security of user accounts and better protects information and privacy. But sometimes the same passwords and features can be problematic and users will have trouble forgetting them. Fortunately, different companies offer different features to reset their passwords. Apple also has several different possibilities for Apple ID password recovery.

If your iPad’s password¬†Have and intended Reset You have it, you can try several different methods. It will be very easy if you have a device connected to your account. Of course, if no device is connected to the account, there is no need to worry, and with a different approach, you can try to recover the Apple ID password.


Change Apple ID password on connected device

If your iPhone or iPad is connected to your Apple account, you can change your password by following these steps; Without the need for your previous password. It is worth noting that in this method you must enable two-step authentication.

1. First Settings app Open (Settings) on your iPhone or iPad and then tap profile Click at the top of the page.

Change Apple ID password

2. Now from the top of the page, select Password & Security Select.

3. More options Change Password Touch Password & Security on the screen.

Apple ID password recovery

4. Now enter the device password to continue working.

5. The next step is to New password Enter New in front of the title, and then repeat it again in the Verify section to confirm. Note that the Apple ID password must be at least eight characters long and use uppercase and lowercase letters next to the numbers inside.

Change Apple ID password

6. After entering the new password, tap Change key Tap in the upper right corner of the screen to apply the changes.

Recover Apple ID password on PC

If you have not enabled 2-step authentication or are not interested in using the previous method; You can also do this using a computer.

1. browser Open the computer and then go to the Apple ID page.

2. Sign In option Click in the upper right corner of the page.

Apple ID password recovery

3. At the bottom of the Apple ID title is a small option with the phrase Forgot Apple ID or Password It is visible. Click on it.

Change Apple ID password

4. Now in the new page you have to enter your Apple ID. If you forgot your Apple ID address, click on the look it up option to find it. To continue working on the key Continue click.

Apple ID password recovery

5. now Mobile number Enter yourself and then the key Continue hit.

Change Apple ID password

6. Now you have to choose whether you want to recover your Apple ID password from a device connected to your account or use a trusted mobile number. The first option Select and then tap Continue Click.

Apple ID password recovery

7. You will now be notified Recovery notifications Which device’s Apple ID password was sent to?

8. Navigate to the device to see a notification like the one below. Then tap to pass the password reset permission Allow option hit.

Change Apple ID password

9. Enter the device password to unlock it.

10. Now New password Type in your intended account and then repeat to confirm. Eventually Next option Touch the upper right corner of the window.

Apple ID password recovery

As you can see, this method will also require a device connected to your Apple ID. In the following, we will discuss the ways in which no device is connected to the user account.

Recover Apple ID password with email and security question

If you have not enabled two-step login and you do not have a device connected to your account, you must go through email Or security question Recover your Apple ID password.

1. To begin Address iforgot.apple.com Type in your browser’s address bar and enter it.

2. Now type your Apple ID (email) in the box provided.

Apple ID password recovery

3. To continue working on the option Continue click.

4. option I need to reset my password Select.

Apple ID password recovery

5. On the option Continue click.

6. One of two options Get an email Or Answer security questions Select to reset your password by receiving a recovery email or answering a security question.

Apple ID password recovery

7. Now back on the key Continue Click and finally the key Done hit.

Change Apple ID password

8.1. If you selected the email option in the previous section, enter Inbox Be yourself. The email related to Apple ID password recovery will be visible as How to reset your Apple ID password. If you do not find such an email, it is better to check the spam folder as well.

8.2. Roy Reset Now link Click on the text of the email. If the email is in the spam folder, the link may have been disabled; So first transfer it to the main inbox to be able to use the link.

Apple ID password recovery

8.3. Now in the page that opens in the new password section New password Enter the desired one and then repeat the password at the bottom to confirm.

8.4. When you have finished typing the codes, press the key Confirm Click at the bottom of the page.

Change Apple ID password

8.5. Finally press the key to finalize the changes and save the new password Reset Password hit.

Apple ID password recovery

9.1. If you have selected the Security Questions option instead of the email, then press the key Continue In step 7 you must Date of birth Enter yourself. Note that this date must be the same as the date mentioned when creating the account.

9.2 After entering the date of birth on the key Continue click.

Apple ID password recovery

9.2. Two security questions Reply displayed.

9.4. After writing both key answers Continue Tap.

Apple ID password

9.5. now New password Enter yourself and then repeat to confirm again.

9.6. On the key Confirm click.

Apple ID password recovery

9.7. To apply changes to the key Reset Password Click.

Apple ID password

using Recovery Contact And Recovery Key Next to apps Apple Support And Find My iPhone There are other methods that can be used to recover Apple ID password. Note, however, that in order to use the first two methods, you must have defined the prerequisite settings in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple ID password recovery

Is it possible to change your Apple ID password if you forget it?

Yes; Fortunately, there are several ways for Apple to retrieve Apple ID passwords, the most important of which are mentioned in this article.

What characters should the Apple ID password contain?

The password for the Apple ID must contain at least 8 characters, including a number and uppercase and lowercase letters.

Is it possible to reset Apple ID password through browser?

Yes; If you do not have access to the devices connected to your account, you can reset your password through the browser by logging in to the Apple ID home screen on the Apple site.


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