How to make Yahoo Mail Account? + Step-by-step


Yahoo It is one of the oldest email service providers, which started operating in late 1997 and continues to this day. Although there have been many margins around Yahoo’s email service in recent years; But millions of users around the world still use it and enjoy its features. But for Build Yahoo Mail What should be done? In the following, we will explain step by step the steps required to do this.

Any Yahoo Account In addition to email-related services, it consists of a personal calendar, a notebook, an address book, and some cloud storage. Users can also manage their other emails such as Gmail and Outlook through the Yahoo panel and take advantage of features such as auto-reply. You can also connect Yahoo Mail to the iOS Mail app to have all your incoming emails at once.

Steps to build a Yahoo email

The best and easiest way to build Yahoo Mail is to use Desktop version of Yahoo! Is; But this is also possible through other devices, including mobile.


1. To get started, first log in to the registration page on the Yahoo site.

2. Then first in the First name and Last name sections, respectively name And last name Enter yourself. Then in the username section, user name Type what you want to check its availability status. Note that this username will continue to be used as your email address; So it is better to be careful in choosing it.

Build Yahoo Mail

3. It should continue password Enter your favorite in the Password field and the bottom part, Date of birth Specify yourself. You can also specify your gender if you wish. After completing all items on Continue key Click.

Note that the email address is used to register and use other services, then Security It is very important. For this reason, it is best to use a secure password that does not use any personal information (such as date of birth or name) to make it easier to guess. Also if you forget the password, you will be able to use the feature Recovery account Use through your mobile number; But if you are not interested in entering your real mobile number, you can use virtual numbers.

4. Ownership of the mobile number entered by Yahoo must now be verified. That’s why one Verification code It will be sent to you via SMS. You can also receive the code via phone call by selecting the Call me with a verification code option; But if you want to send the code via SMS, just click on the Text me or Account Key.

Build Yahoo Mail

5. Enter the code received via SMS or call in the dedicated field and then tap Verify key click.

Build Yahoo Mail

6. A message will now be displayed stating that the account creation process was successful. On this page you only need to click on Continue key Click.

Build Yahoo Mail

7. After completing the registration process in the Yahoo Mail service, you will be redirected to the main page of the site. Tap to access your new email Mail option Click in the upper right corner of the page or enter the mail.yahoo.com address into the browser’s address bar.

To send an email through the Yahoo service, just click on the Compose button on the page dedicated to this service. Also, by downloading the Yahoo Email application, you will be able to easily access various features on your mobile and tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Yahoo Mail

Is registration for Yahoo’s email service free?

Yes; Users of most of Yahoo’s email services are available for free. However, you will have to pay a subscription fee to access more cloud storage or remove ads.

What is required to create Yahoo Mail?

Using a mobile number is required to receive a verification code when creating a Yahoo account. This number should not have been used to create Yahoo Mail in the past and is also used as a way to recover an account and reset your password.

What are the features of Yahoo Mail service?

Yahoo Mail, like most similar services, has some free cloud storage along with a calendar, notebook, and address book, and can be used to sign up for various sites and apps.


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