How to make a gif on an Android phone?

Create gif using your android phone.


Gif file is one of the most popular ways to convey meaning or even share video on social networks. Today, users can create gifs with various tools, and creating such files on mobile has become much easier than before. This article introduces several methods, tools and apps for Make a gif on an Android phone We will pay attention to the possibility of converting movies, series and videos of friends and acquaintances into animated files that can be sent to others.

What is the GIF format and what its used for?

Phrase GIF Abbreviation for Graphic swap template (Graphics Interchange Format‌) which is an example of formatting images bitmap It was first introduced by computer scientist Steve Wilhelit in the late 1980s. GIF files were originally intended as a way to quickly download through the network of Compusro (one of the first commercial Internet service providers in the United States). But after a few years, the ability to display animations was added to the format and eventually revised for widespread release.

Making a gif

Today, gif files are widely used on various web and platform platforms. Due to the relatively small size of its files compared to high-resolution videos, it is a good option for displaying moving images. In some social networks such as ReditDedicated user associations (e.g. r / GIFs) There is a gif file for creating and publishing that regularly share new files.

Make a gif on an Android phone with GIPHY

GIPHY platform Launched in 2013, it is one of the most popular tools for creating gif files and can be used to create gifs on Android phones. The website of this service contains a huge database of gif files, and those who are interested can create custom images using its special Android application.

After installation and login GIPHY application At first, you will come across its gif gallery, where you can browse and search for what you want. If you are not very familiar with the gif file, this section will be a good place to see the various capabilities of the gif format and the examples made with it.

Making gifs on Android phones - Giphy application

1. To start creating images in the GIPHY application first Create key Touch in the upper right corner. The icon to change the camera used is now displayed. You can also start creating gif files by going to the profile tab in the lower right corner and then selecting the camera icon and “+” on the account page.

۲. In the camera access authorization message, option Allow Camera Access Select.

3. Now in the next two windows again on the key Allow hit.

4. Now the option I Agree Select.

5. By default, GIPHY uses the main mobile camera to record the required videos. By touch Camera Icon In the lower right corner you can change it to a selfie camera.

6. In the toolbar at the bottom of the app you can swipe left and right Various filters and effects Access, which includes 11 different items.

Making gifs on Android phones - Giphy application

7. You can record a still frame by touching the desired effect or filter key. If you hold your finger on the key, an animation in gif format will be created. Also, if you are not interested in using filters and effects, just touch the large white key. If you are creating an animation file, one Animated line at the edge of the screen It will appear that when it reaches the end, the time allotted for video recording will expire.

8. Once you’ve recorded your favorite video, you can add other videos or pictures to it. At the bottom of the toolbar, there are four different keys that can be used to add text in 9 different colors, 8 different effects and multiple stickers to the gif file. Also by touch Scissors icon You can cut parts of the recorded file.

9. By selecting the option Crop that in Top right corner The page is located, you will be able to consider different dimensions for your output file. For example, the 1: 1 aspect ratio is more popular in messaging applications; While the 9 to 16 image ratio (like Instagram stories) is more applicable to social networks. Other ratios such as 3 to 2 and 4 to 5 are also available to users.

Making gifs on Android phones - Giphy application

10. When the editing process is complete, the icon Purple Flash Touch.

۱۱. If you want to upload the output, type the tags associated with the created gif file.

۱۲. Finally by selecting the option Share GIF You will be able to share it through various methods such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat and Instagram. You can also touch the option Save Video You can save the original video to memory. Key Save GIF It is also intended for offline storage of gif files.

13. To upload GIF files online to the service database, first check the box next to the Terms of Service agreement option and then the key Upload to GIPHY Choose.

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Making gifs on Android phones with Samsung gallery

Owners of Samsung smartphones can easily create gif files from the images in their gallery, thanks to the built-in tools embedded by Samsung in the company’s products. You can also run the camera directly to create the videos needed to make the gif. Before going through the following steps, make sure that the device software and related application are up to date. All you have to do is go to Settings and then enter the Software Update section. If an update is available for your phone, click the Download and install button and then follow the instructions displayed to complete the rest of the steps.

Create a gif file with gallery images

1. Enter first Gallery application Then activate multiple files at the same time by holding your finger on an image.

۲. On the icon More (Three dots in the corner of the page).

3. Then first the option Create Select and continue the option GIF Tap.

Making a gif on an Android phone - Samsung Gallery app

4. You can now select the images selected in the previous section Review And change settings such as playback speed and order. A number of effects along with graphic elements and stickers are also provided for the user to add on images.

5. Finally by touching the key Save You can save the output gif file to the device’s internal memory. The gif image created in the gallery will be visible and you can share it in other applications.

Create gifs with gallery videos

Not only can you use the images in the gallery to create gifs on your Samsung Android phone, but you can also use the videos. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Like the previous part initially entered Gallery application Become.

۲. Select one of the desired videos and then the option Play video Tap at the bottom of the page.

3. Once the video starts playing, just touch the screen and then the key GIF Select from the top right corner or open the simple file editor. In this section you can with Video cuttingSelect the desired sections, or save only a portion of the video to create a gif.

Making a gif on an Android phone - Samsung Gallery app

4. You can touch the 1.0x key Video playback speed Change. For example, 2.0x mode can display videos faster and 0.5x mode can display slower.

5. Click the arrow icon at the end To play the file To be determined. You can reverse the playback direction.

6. By selecting the Save option, you will be able to save the gif output file to the device’s internal memory.

Make a gif on an Android phone with a Samsung camera

Another way to create gif files on Samsung phones is to use the camera app directly.

1. To get started Camera app (Camera).

۲. Inside the app to the section Settings (Gear icon) Go.

Making a gif on an Android phone - Samsung camera app

3. option Hold Shutter button to Select and then from the drop-down menu that opens on the option Create GIF hit.

4. Key to start recording videos to create a gif file shutter Press and hold (large white button in the middle of the screen). Releasing the shutter also stops the recording process. The output file is automatically saved in the device’s internal memory.

Making a gif on an Android phone with Smart Select

One of the unique features of Samsung smartphones is the feature Smart Select Which allows you to capture a portion of the page and convert it to a gif file for easy sharing. Users can also edit the recorded files and add text and stickers to them.

1. First to the episode Settings (Settings) Go and then enter the menu Display Become.

۲. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select Options Edge Panels Activate and then tap on it.

3. Now from the episode Panels option Smart select Choose.

4. You can now convert videos or images to gif files in any part of the phone environment.

Making a gif on an Android phone - Samsung

5. After specifying the desired area for recording, by swiping from the left or right edge of the screen, Edge panel menu Open. In the following, you will have access to a list of features, among which you must select an option Animation Select.

6. If you want to make a gif file from a YouTube video, Samsung Smart Select is able to automatically detect and select the video playback frame. You can also manually change the margins of the box according to the desired part.

7. To start the recording process on the key Record hit.

8. By stopping the recording, you will have access to a preview of the output file, which will be automatically saved in the phone’s internal memory.

What is the easiest way to make a gif on an Android phone?

Using gif-making apps on an Android phone like the GIPHY app is the easiest way. If you use Samsung devices, you can use their internal features to create a gif file.

What are the uses of gif files and where can they be used?

Gif files are designed for easy portability of low-volume videos and animations on the Internet. Users can use the GIF file on various platforms and services such as social networks and messaging applications.

Can videos and images be converted to gif files?

There are no restrictions for making gif files, and users will be able to convert pre-captured videos and images to gifs through special tools for making gif files, or convert parts of their favorite movies and series to gif images.


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