How to install Android app in Windows 11?


Microsoft recently updated 2022.02 For Windows 11 Has announced that this is the biggest upgrade of this operating system since its public release. Possible preview Install Android apps on Windows 11 Directly through the Amazon App Store is one of the most important features in the update, which comes with a new version of Notepad software and media player. But how exactly do you install and run Android apps on Windows 11, and how can you use it?

First of all, it should be noted that installing an Android app in Windows 11 is not a new phenomenon, and in the past, users could manipulate some parts of Windows to install Android applications. If you are interested in downloading Android apps through Google Play or installing APK files directly, you can use the content of the links above; Because in the new update of Windows 11 can only be from Amazon App Store Downloaded and installed the program.

Prerequisites for installing Android app in Windows 11

As mentioned, the Windows 11 2022.02 update allows users of the Stable version of the operating system to access the Amazon App Store; But now the said feature is only for residents United States Activated. Also, taking advantage of the hardware prerequisites for running Android applications on Windows, the possibility of installing the latest updates, and activating the virtual machine are other features that must be considered before starting the process.


Activate the virtual machine in Windows 11

Windows 11 runs Android in one Virtual machine (Virtual Machine) does; So it is clear that to use Android applications, you must activate the virtual machine feature. By default, this feature is enabled in Windows 11, but to be sure, you can enter the page by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Task Manager Or select the relevant option by right-clicking on the Windows logo. Then on Performance tab And in CPU part You can see an option like the one below, which will indicate the status of the virtual machine.

Install Android app on Windows 11

If the option is specified Inactive Be; Must have it through BIOS (BIOS) enabled. Of course, there are other ways to activate a virtual machine in Windows that you can find by searching for the name of your system processor manufacturer; But changing the BIOS settings is a more comprehensive method that can be done on all processors (Intel and AMD).

Install Android app on Windows 11

To activate the virtual machine through the BIOS, first enter the BIOS menu by pressing the corresponding key (usually F2). This key may vary depending on the brand of motherboard or laptop manufacturer. In the BIOS menu, look for the phrase VT or Virtualization Technology Look around. This option may be located in the System Configuration section or in the CPU and Chipset subdirectory. Then set it to Enabled and then exit the BIOS by saving the changes.

Install Windows 11 Update

In previous episodes, it was said that the ability to install the Android app in Windows 11 directly from the Amazon App Store through the 2022.02 update of this operating system has been provided to users by Microsoft. Obviously, to use the mentioned feature, you must download and install this update in your system. To Windows UpdateFirst, enter the Settings section or press Win + I to open the settings menu.

Install Android app on Windows 11

From the left panel of the page, the last option (Windows Update) Select to enter the update page. If the latest Windows update has been released for your system, you can see the Cumulative Update 02-2022 (or newer versions) option at the top of the page and under Updates Available. In the face of this option, Download & Install key Clicking on it will start the update download and installation process. Note that after completing the installation process, the system should boot Restart do.

You should also note that from The latest version of the Microsoft Store You use it on your Windows. To confirm this, open the Microsoft Store app and then click on the Library option in the lower left corner. Next, if there is an update for the Microsoft Store in the list, download and install it.

Hardware prerequisites for installing Android application

If you have Windows 11 installed on your system, you probably know that its hardware requirements are slightly higher than its predecessors. For example, a dual-core processor with a minimum operating frequency of 1 GHz along with 4 GB of RAM and at least 64 GB of internal memory is required to install Windows 11. But the hardware requirements required to install the Android app in Windows 11 are slightly different and more advanced, which you can see in the list below:

  • At least 8 GB of RAM
  • Internal memory type SSD
  • Processor Eighth generation Intel Core i3 series or newer
  • AMD Raizen 3000 series processor or newer
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c chip or newer
Install Android app on Windows 11

If you do not have the above prerequisites in your system, you will probably encounter an error message similar to the image above after receiving the 2022.02 update and visiting the Microsoft Store to download the Amazon App Store.

How to install Android app in Windows 11

1. The first step is to log in to the Microsoft Store. If the Microsoft Store icon is not in the taskbar, you can, after opening the Start menu, Microsoft Store phrase Search and click on its icon. Note that the Amazon App Store Preview is currently US only; So to view it in the Microsoft Store you must proceed Change your IP to US do.

Install Android app on Windows 11

2. Inside the Microsoft Store, Amazon Appstore phrase Type in the search bar at the top of the page. You can also click on this link to access the dedicated page of the Amazon App Store in the Microsoft Store. Continue on the blue key Install Click in the upper left corner of the page to start the download and installation process.

Install Android app on Windows 11

3. You will now see a pop-up window explaining the required instructions. To continue the process Set up key Click and follow the other steps as a guide. Finally on Restart key Click to restart the system once.

Install Android app on Windows 11

4. Once the system restarts, the Amazon App Store app will open automatically. If this does not happen, you can manually open the Amazon Appstore by searching for the phrase in the Start Menu.

Install Android app on Windows 11

5. Now you have to enter Amazon account Be yourself. If you do not have an Amazon account, you can click the Create a new Amazon account button to create a new account. Otherwise on Already an Amazon customer? Click Sign in.

Install Android app on Windows 11

6. Once logged in, you can use the Amazon App Store like any other app store. Users can install suggested programs or find their favorite titles through the search bar. To install any app, just click on the Install option under its title.

Install Android app on Windows 11

7. Also, by clicking on the image or title of the program, you will be referred to its description page. Click on this page Install key You will be able to start the process of downloading and installing the app.

Install Android app on Windows 11

8. After completing the process of downloading and installing the desired application, the Install key Open It turns out that by clicking on it, the application will run.

Install Android app on Windows 11

Android applications installed on Windows 11, like other software, will be available through the Start Menu, and you can even pin them to the taskbar if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions about Installing an Android App on Windows 11

What are the software requirements for installing an Android app on Windows 11?

To install and run the Android app on Windows 11, you must have the 2022.02 update or newer updates installed on your system. The virtual machine feature must also be enabled on your system.

What are the hardware requirements for installing an Android app on Windows 11?

To install and run the Android app on Windows 11, you must use at least 8 GB of RAM along with internal memory of SSD type and eighth generation Intel Core i3 series processor or newer. This feature is also supported on AMD 3,000 series processors and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8c processors or newer products.

Is it possible to install an Android app outside the Amazon App Store?

Yes; Users can install Google Play on Windows 11 and download and install Android apps through the Google Store. It is also possible to manually install APK files in Windows 11.


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