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How to increase the security of Instagram page?

How to protect your Instagram account?


In recent years, Instagram has been able to attract a large number of users who work in various fields. But the same issue has caused more hackers, swindlers and profiteers to pay attention to this Facebook-owned social network so that they can trap their victims in various ways. Fortunately, some key and essential points can be followed Instagram page security Provided that they do not require any expense and will take only a short time.

Although securing an Instagram page can sometimes be a hassle for pages with a lot of followers, it is generally not very complicated and all the features needed to do so are provided by Instagram. Instagram security related features In-app And Web version They are available and we will explain how to use them in the following.

Two-step authentication

If you are worried about profiteers infiltrating your Instagram account, you must have the ability Two-step authentication Enable. In this method, in addition to the need for a password to log in to the account, another layer of security is used that can not be easily accessed by others; Unless they have physical access to the victim’s mobile phone. To activate the said feature, you must follow the steps below.


Enable two-step authentication in the app

1. Enter first Instagram application And then go to your profile page.

۲. Tap the hamburger icon (three parallel lines) in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. From the menu that opens Settings Select (Settings).

4. On the settings page first go to the section Security Go ahead and select the option Two-Factor AuthenticationKey Get Started Touch.

Instagram page security Two-step authentication

5. When activating two-step authentication, users can receive code through two modes SMS (Based on mobile number) or using special applications such as Google Authenticator To use. The first method is simpler and easier to set up and use; But the second method will be more secure.

6. After activating the mentioned feature, you must use the code received by the SMS or the authentication application to log in to your account. A number Recovery code In the Recovery Codes section, there is a Two-Factor Authentication page that is used when not receiving a text message or authentication application; As a result, it is better to write them down and keep them in a safe place.

Enable two-step authentication in the browser

1. Click on the dummy icon in the upper right corner of the page User profile See for yourself.

۲. On the icon gear Click next to the username to be referred to the settings page.

Instagram page security Two-step authentication

3. First enter the menu Privacy and Security Log in and continue with the options Edit Two-Factor Authentication Setting Choose.

4. Now check the option Text Message To receive codes via SMS or Use Authentication App Click the two steps to use the authentication app.

Phishing, the enemy of Instagram page security

Pages Phishing One of the most common scams used by profiteers is to gain access to the passwords of accounts that many people fall into. Although it is often easy to detect fake login pages, the designers of such pages use new methods to make their trap look natural, and they also open a special account on the ignorance of a wide range of Instagram users.

Phishing pages come in a variety of formats, one of which is submission Fake emails Comes with a link to log in to the account. The content of such emails usually says that there is a problem with the person’s Instagram account and to fix it, they must log in to their account through the link provided. The link may even work properly and you will be transferred to your account after entering your username and password; But your information will also be sent to the profiteer. In these cases, most people do not notice what happened and enough time is provided to change the password and steal information.

Instagram security

To counteract fake emails, Instagram has a special section in its application that users can refer to to see a list of emails sent by this social network. Follow the steps below to access this section:

1. Enter your profile page and then the section Settings Open (Settings).

۲. to section Security Refer to Options Emails From Instagram Select.

3. You can now compare the list of emails displayed by Instagram with the items received in your email and identify fake samples. In the Security tab, the emails for the last 14 days are related to Instagram security and the user’s location, and in the Other tab, other emails can also be found.

Check logins for Instagram page security

Sometimes someone else may have accessed your account but made no changes to it. In such cases, you may not be aware of his presence due to the lack of a specific symptom. To check this issue in the version under the Instagram browser to the section Settings (Settings) Go to the menu Login Activity See. You can now access the list of logins made to the account. If you see entry from an unfamiliar situation, it’s best to change your account password as soon as possible.

Instagram page security

Checking other data stored in the Instagram account can also determine the presence of another person in the account. In the Instagram mobile application to the section Settings Go ahead and go to the menu Privacy and Security option Access Data Choose. This section in the web version by going to the gear icon on the profile page, go to the section Privacy and Security And selection View Account Data Available.

Instagram page security

The information provided by Instagram in this section includes changes in account privacy settings, logins, exits, hashtags followed, stories, and password changes. If you see something suspicious in the data, it means that someone else is in your account; So a better one New password Consider it.

Private account

Although privating an Instagram page is not directly related to its security, it can have a significant impact on Privacy Have a user. Only followers of private accounts can access the content inside them and interact with the account holder. Also, if you preview your account, your images will not be displayed in Google search results. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Like the previous episodes, go to the episode in the Instagram app Settings go.

۲. Enter the episode Privacy Sign in and then select Account Privacy Select.

3. Now the key is in front of the phrase Private Account Turn on.

Instagram security

1. To preview an account in the web version of Instagram, first click on the gear icon on the user page.

۲. to section Privacy and Security Go and then tap Account Privacy Click.

3. Now the checkbox is next to the option Private Account Check.

Instagram security

Restrict access of other apps to the account

Many add-ons connect to the account to provide more features. Follower management and event logging programs are some of the most used examples in this field, which are required for the correct operation of the username and password to connect to the account. Sometimes such programs may do their job well, but in the background they are collecting data and stealing users’ information. On the other hand maybe the main code of the program to malware Be infected and the product developer is unaware of this.

Instagram security

To view the list of applications connected to your account, first go to the section Settings Go to the Instagram app and then to the panel Security go. Continue to the episode Apps and Websites Scroll and option Active Select. This page displays the current connections. You can also get a list of expired or deleted permissions on the Expired and Removed pages.

Instagram security

In the web version of Instagram, by going to the settings section, click on the option Authorized Apps Click to see all apps with active access permissions. By hitting the key Revoke Access And then Yes You can revoke access permissions for each item. The fewer websites and apps connected to your Instagram account, the less likely you are to leak information.

Ensure the security of the Instagram page with the appropriate password

In most cases, Instagram accounts are hacked due to non-use Appropriate password Is happening. Inappropriate passwords are usually guesswork in which a person’s personal information such as year of birth, place of residence or name is used. If two-step authentication is not enabled to log in to the account, the password is the most important factor for the security of the Instagram page. So it is better to include a strong password Capital letters And Little And Special characters Use (like & and%). Changing your password at short intervals can also be a good idea to increase Instagram security.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Page Security

What is the best way to secure your Instagram page?

Using a strong and unpredictable password, including uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters, as well as two-step authentication by texting to a mobile number or displaying a login code in apps like Google Authenticator is the best way to increase the security of your Instagram account.

How to find out if your Instagram account has been hacked?

By referring to the Security section in the settings and entering the Login Activity section, you can access the list of the latest entries along with the location of your account. If you see something suspicious, it is best to change your password as soon as possible.

How to prevent Instagram from being hacked?

Not using third-party applications connected to the account, such as managing followers, using the appropriate password, benefiting from two-step authentication through the application and not logging in to anonymous links can greatly reduce the possibility of account hacking.


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