How to get free calls + First Companion, Irancell and Rightel


Irancell and Mobile first operators have prepared conditions so that people who talk a lot with their mobile phones pay less for their calls. If you are one of those people who have a lot of conversations, you can use these plans and reduce your expenses significantly. To learn about these plans and methods of receiving free calls, join us on the site.

Receive free calls

How to get free calls

Maybe you will be asked how it is possible to talk for free without paying a fee?


In response to this question, we must point out that Irancell and Mobile First operators give free call packages to their users under certain conditions. For example, as a birthday present or receiving a student SIM card with the first mobile phone, you can benefit from free calls within the network.

But apart from these things, you can get call packages that will cost you much lower than the free call rate. As a result, if you spend a lot of time talking with your friends, you can buy these packages for a small amount and use them.

Irancell free call

Irancell grants some of its subscribers free in-network call packages, but apart from these packages, you can purchase Irancell in-network call packages. These packages are offered at a much lower price than the free tariff, so you can pay much less for your in-network calls by purchasing these packages.

To buy these packages, just dial the command code *4444*1# and receive your call package according to your needs.

How to get free calls

You can also install the Irancell Man application and purchase call packages through it.

Note that the rate of Irancell call packages is not fixed and will be determined according to the consumption pattern of subscribers.

Buying these packages leads to a reduction in your call costs and makes you unnecessary to purchase charges for your calls frequently. Note that each of these packages has a specific usage period and after the set period, your calls will be calculated according to the free rate.

How to remove the Irancell greeting

Free calls for the first companion

First Companion has plans that you can use to get free calls or pay a lower amount than the free tariff for your calls. Among the free calling plans of the first mobile phone, the following can be mentioned:

1- The plan of bright nights with the first companion:

In this plan, credit and permanent users of Mobile First can benefit from free and unlimited calls by dialing the command code *10*333# and paying the activation fee for free calls from 11 pm to 7 am. It should be noted that if you exceed the mentioned time, your calls will be calculated with free tariff.

2- Birthday gift for the first companion:

Mobile First subscribers can benefit from 24 hours of free in-network calls by dialing *10*411# on their birthday. It should be noted that this plan only includes people whose birthday is This gift is given to both credit subscribers and permanent subscribers of the first companion. Note that to activate this plan, you must act within 24 hours of your birthday.

3- Acceleration gift in the payment of the first mobile phone:

This plan is for permanent subscribers of Mobile First. In this plan, subscribers who pay their end-of-period bill before the sixth of that month in person will benefit from the gift of 24 hours of free calls within the network. To activate this plan, just dial the command code *10*1151#. Note that to activate this plan, you must act before the end of the same month. After activating this plan, 24 hours of free in-network calls will start.

4- Discount scheme for the first mobile calls:

How to get free calls

The call discount plan is for first-time mobile subscribers. This plan is such that you can benefit from 30 and 50% discount on your intranet conversations by paying a certain fee. This plan will be activated monthly.

To activate this plan, just dial the following command codes:

  • Dial code *10*3351# to activate 30% discount (activation fee 5000 Tomans)
  • Dial code *10*3352# to activate 50% discount (activation fee 20,000 Tomans)

Also, to deactivate the automatic renewal of this plan, it is enough to dial the command code *10*3358#.

5- Hot days discount plan with the first companion:

In this plan, you can use 60 minutes of intranet conversation by paying 1500 Tomans. To activate this plan, you must dial the command code *10*3361#. Note that this plan can only be used between 11 pm and 7 am.

6- Conversation plan for the first companion:

First Companion offers its regular and credit subscribers one-month call packages that suit their consumption patterns, and buying these packages will reduce your call costs. By dialing the command code *1000*1#, subscribers can see their proposed package and buy it.

7- First companion welcome plan:

According to this plan, subscribers who have converted their credit SIM cards to permanent ones will be given a welcome package that includes a 50% discount on in-network calls for 6 months. Activating this plan does not require any special action and you can use this discount immediately after converting your SIM card.

Free call

How to get free calls

Rightel, like the two operators Irancell and Haram Al, has created a free intranet call plan for its users. The possibility of free in-network conversation for Raitel SIM cards is active by default, and all Raitel credit and permanent subscribers can benefit from this possibility. Of course, if you are a regular subscriber of Rightel, to benefit from this plan, you need to pay your debt to Rightel first.

Also, in order to reduce the cost of your calls from Raitel with other operators, you can use Raitel’s consumer package. By purchasing this package, you can enjoy up to 500 minutes of free calls. To buy a Rytel consumer package, just dial the command code *142*2020#.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the training include the three famous operators of the country (Hamra first, Irancell and Rightel)?

Yes, here are the methods and possible ways to receive free calls in three operators of the country.

Should we use the official program of the operators to activate the free call packages?

You don’t necessarily need to go to the official programs of the companies to activate the free call packages.

How to get free calls for my operator?

In this how we have mentioned the methods of receiving calls in each operator that you can receive free calls using these methods.

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