How to find the latest digital currencies?


The digital currency market is a big one, so new currencies are added to it every day. According to CoinMarketCap, more than 20,000 digital currencies have been created and launched so far. You may want to know about the latest digital currencies for reasons such as investment and find them earlier than anyone else. There are different methods for this, which we will discuss in this article.

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Digital currency has seen a lot of growth in the past few years and many people entered it for the purpose of development or investment. As more capital came into it, its expansion and complexity also increased.


For example, Bitcoin only acts as a ledger and has a payment aspect and nothing more. But later with the launch of Ethereum, newer capabilities were added as smart contracts, which made this even more complicated.

After Ethereum, newer projects with more capabilities were created every moment, each one doing a specific job and trying to solve the problems in the world with new methods. But this is just the side of the story. This diversity and expansion in the digital currency market opened the way for fraud and hacking, and some people tried to empty the pockets of others by using these technologies.

Digital currency
There are more than 20 thousand digital currencies

For this reason, even in the latest digital currencies launched by different people, there are fraud and scam projects that we should not go towards. But anyway, people may want to invest at the very beginning by finding new and promising projects to get much more profit. But as we said, along with high profit, there is also high risk. Now, we will continue to introduce various methods of finding the latest digital currencies so that you can reach your desired goal using these methods.

Ways to find the latest digital currencies

There are different methods for this work, each of which may have its own advantages, and you can choose the method you want depending on the purpose and plan you have.

exchange offices

One of the places where the newest digital currencies can be found are these exchanges such as Binance, Kocoin, Coinbase, etc. These exchanges announce in advance any new currency that they want to add and list for trading in their exchange.

For example, in the Binance exchange, at the bottom of the main page, by selecting the Announcement option in the New Cryptocurrency Listing section, the newest digital currencies that are listed in this exchange can be seen. Sometimes new currencies increase in price when they are listed on major exchanges. But this does not always happen.

Announcement section in Binance
Binance platform

social media

Different platforms like Twitter are considered as the best places for breaking and breaking news. People who work in this field publish the latest news on their personal Twitter page. You can use this great news source to your advantage. For this, you can access the latest news from keywords such as Crypto, New Crypto, etc.

Also, other platforms like Telegram and Discord can help you in this. These media are used not only for the latest digital currencies but also for getting informed about the latest NFTs.

Information aggregator websites

There are websites like Coinmarketcap and Coingecko that collect information from different websites and provide it to their users. On the Coinmarketcap website, in the Cryptocurrencies section, if you select the Recently Added option, you will see the image below, where you can see the latest digital currencies that are added to this website.

Coin Market Cap
Coin Market Cap site

These websites help us to get good information about the new currency. But as you probably know, most of the new projects that are launched in this space do not have a specific purpose and many of them are made for fraud and scams; Therefore, to invest in these new currencies, you must have enough knowledge in this field to be able to distinguish good projects from bad ones.

ICOI see

Initial Coin Offering or ICO is the method by which teams attract funds for their project, and people can invest in projects earlier than others with this method. There are various websites in this field such as Plokastarter and Coinmarketcap. Some projects may even give away their initial token offering for free.

They do this to promote their project; In this way, the project requires you to perform tasks such as following the project in different media, sharing the project link, etc. After completing these tasks, you enter the lottery and if your name is drawn, you will win some tokens.

For example, on the CoinMarketCap website, in the Products section, if you select the ICO Calendar option, you can see the projects that are in the initial release stage.


There are a number of websites in this field that give us information about the latest digital currencies, such as PooCoin, CoinSniper, and TokenSniffer.

On the PooCoin website you can check the validity of a token. By entering the name of a token or its address on this site, we can have information about that token such as its holders, transactions, price, etc. We can also check a token with Tokensniffer website.

On the CoinSniper website, project developers first enter their project token on this site, and then these new tokens are visible to everyone in the New Listing section. Members of this platform and investors can vote for these new tokens, and if a token can get more than 500 votes, that token will enter the list of top tokens.

Coin Sniper site
Coin Sniper site

The newest digital currencies are not always valuable

So far we have come across a number of different ways to find the latest digital currencies. But as we said, most of these new digital currencies are not suitable for purchase. In order to invest in a project, we must make sure that the project has the characteristics of a good project.

For example, the amount of liquidity of the desired token must be acceptable. Good liquidity means that the volume of buying and selling is such that we can easily sell our assets at the desired price; Because even if a good project is found, but there is no liquidity in it, that means there will be no one to buy our property from us at the desired price.

Another issue is that a new project should be launched to meet a need. It must have a purpose so that it can be counted on in the future and its progress. Usually, most new currencies have no purpose; For this reason, they do not have a clear future. Of course, there are exceptions in this field, such as Shiba, which was created without a specific purpose, but is currently considered among the top tokens. Or Dogecoin, which did not have a specific purpose at the beginning, but found a purpose during its development and attracted different people to its side.

Also, the team behind the project must be well-known and strong so that we can be sure that these people can develop the project. Even if a project is built with a very good purpose, but there is no good team behind it, it is doomed to fail.


The digital currency market is very wide and new projects are added to it every day. In this market, you can earn a lot of profit by investing in a new project, but along with the high profit, there is also a high risk.

There are different ways to find the latest digital currencies, some of which we mentioned in this article. An investor with his knowledge in this field should be able to separate promising projects from unsuitable projects and invest in them at the very beginning. If you know another way to find the latest currencies in this field, share it with us in the comments section.

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