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How to enable Instagram reply option


Instagram, one of the 10 most popular social networks in the world, has become very popular among people all over the world. However, there may still be features and tricks that you are unaware of. Today, we are trying to teach you how to enable Instagram reply option.

Instagram generally has strange updates. Suddenly, you will see that the user interface environment has completely changed for you, but for others it is the same as before! After a few hours, you will notice that it is back to the previous state and the new features that have been made available to others have been removed for you!

This irregularity has caused dissatisfaction with the experience of some users from Instagram. In fact, the fact that some users have to wait months or maybe years to access the latest features of Instagram annoys them and is one of the shortcomings of a social network. Imagine that there is a possibility that is not yet activated for you after a few years, but is available for most Instagram users.

The reason for this irregularity and strangeness of Instagram updates and changes is that when this social network decides to make a change in its user interface environment or facilities, it first tests on a few percent of users and after the necessary feedback from users taken, the changes apply to all. But the reason why some features of Instagram are not available for everyone after several years of testing and positive feedback is not clear!

One of the facilities that we talked about is the ability to replay in Instagram Direct. This feature was first added for some users in an update that has been going on for a long time. According to some audience members, it has been a few years since this feature was first implemented. According to reports, this update was released in 2020; But we don’t know why it is still hidden as a feature Not available for everyone!

Replying is one of the most useful features in all messengers that organizes your conversations, and its existence seems necessary in every messenger program. However, Instagram has unfortunately not yet made this feature available to everyone.

The ability to replicate in Instagram Direct may be active for you, it may not be and needs to be activated, or it may not be available to you at all. In any case, we will continue to teach how to activate the replay feature in Instagram Direct; We hope it is useful for you.

Activating the ability to replicate in Instagram Direct

First, your Instagram messaging service needs to be updated to its latest version, which we repeat again: Unfortunately, this update is not available for everyone!

In order to find out if this update has been applied to your Instagram or not, on the main page of your Instagram program, look at the top right of the page, i.e. the icon of the Direct section and messages. If its icon is a message bubble, it means that your Instagram messaging service has been updated. But if it is a paper airplane, like the Telegram logo, it means that the Instagram messaging service on your phone is not updated. Maybe this Instagram update, which gives the ability to reply a message in Direct, is not available for you at all, maybe it is accessible, but it needs to be activated.

To find out if this feature is enabled for you or not, follow the steps below:

  • on the photo profile Click on the bottom right of the page.
  • On your own page, on three lines Click horizontally on the top right.
  • Then to the episode Settings (Settings) go.

Updating Instagram direct for replay and reaction

  • The first option isUpdate messagingClick » to update your Instagram messaging service.

If this update is activated for you, in addition to replaying, you will be able to react with various emojis and emoticons and even set a theme for the chat.

If the option “Update messaging» in your settings, unfortunately it means that this update is not available for your account.

How to reply a message in Instagram Direct

If your direct message icon is a bubble, enter it and go to the message you want to reply. You can reply to a message in Instagram Direct in two ways:

  1. Drag the message to the right to activate the reply field for you, then write your text.
  2. Hold on the message and then the option “ReplyClick » and then write your message.

In this article, for users who have received the latest update of the Instagram messaging service, we have taught how to reply to a message in Direct, but if you do not have this feature, we can hope that soon Instagram will finally add the feature of replying to a message in a Make the update available to everyone.

While preparing this article, we explored different ways to enable this feature for those who haven’t received the latest Messenger update. We also looked for a way to manually apply the latest Instagram messaging update so that you can use the Instagram Direct feature; But unfortunately, there is no sure way. Apparently, only your account should receive this update from Instagram.

If the replay function in Instagram Direct is active for you or has been active for you, share your experience with us in the comments section.


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