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Instagram Video Downloader – How to download Instagram videos on your phone and computer?

Learn how to download Instagram videos.


Instagram video downloader is needed to download videos by so many instagram users. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks for sharing images and videos among users, which contains a huge amount of content. However, like many other meta (formerly Facebook) platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram suffers from a lack of most basic features such as downloading images and videos capabilities that have existed on competing platforms for many years. Fortunately, developers are well versed in this, using a variety of methods and tools to Download videos from Instagram Have provided that we will introduce and how to use them in the following.

Dedicated apps for downloading videos from Instagram

One of the easiest ways to download videos from Instagram on mobile Dedicated applications Developed for this purpose. Such programs provide users with various capabilities, including: Group download (For multi-slide posts). Of course, we should not forget that the mentioned apps will often need your username and password to function properly and download from Privat user accounts; An issue that can Security vulnerabilities To follow. So it is better to go to these tools more carefully and make sure that the manufacturer is valid before entering any personal information in them.

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1. Fast Save application

Download videos from Instagram

Fast Save application One of the old and popular titles in the field of downloading videos from Instagram in the Android operating system is that it has all the mentioned features. This program has been able to experience more than 1 million comments and 50 million installations on Google Play; However, its score has declined slightly in recent years due to the emergence of stronger competitors. Video downloader app for Instagram It is another suitable alternative for Android devices, which, despite its shorter life, has been able to receive an admirable score of 4.7 at the time of writing this article from about 800,000 votes.

  • FastSave
  • Price: Free
  • Manufacturer: Photo and video applications
  • operating system: Android
  • Volume: 5.8 MB

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2. Reposter app for Instagram

If the owner IPhone or iPad You’re better off using an old and valid app Reposter for Instagram go. Although this app is not specifically designed to download videos from Instagram and its main purpose is to repost images and videos; But it can also be used to save what is said. Also, the user interface of the application is designed to be a little more advanced and eye-catching than its Android competitors, but there are more limited features. Of course, the story is supported by IGTV and Rails along with the posts by the program and you will not have to worry about this.

Repost: For Instagram
  • Repost: For Instagram
  • Price: Free (with in-app payment)
  • Manufacturer: Bench sro
  • operating system: IOS
  • Volume: 35 MB

Video download browser plugin for Instagram

Using browser-specific plugins in the web-based version of Instagram is probably the easiest and fastest way to download images and videos.

Another way to download pictures or videos from Instagram is to take advantage of Dedicated plugins Developed for browsers. It is clear that in this method, the must Instagram web version Use to log in to your account; But it is much faster than the previous method. To download and install such plugins, all you have to do is go to the Chrome Web Store Plugins page and then type “Instagram Downloader” in the left search bar to find a bunch of related titles. To install, just click on the Add to Chrome button.

Video download browser plugin from Instagram

Most of the plugins available for downloading videos from Instagram are similar, and after downloading and installing them, you will see a download button next to posts and stories (like the image below). Popular plugins among users can be FastSave for Instagram And IG Downloader To Google Chrome He noted that they can also be used in other chromium-based browsers (such as Opera and Edge). The second add-on also has a special version of Firefox that users of the Mozilla browser can use.

Video download browser plugin from Instagram

Download Instagram videos with Bot Telegram

Telegram Bot Other popular ways to download pictures and videos from Instagram are those that can be used on a variety of platforms, including smartphones and PCs. Of course, these bots also have their limitations; For example, most of them can not download stories or rails. They are also a bit more time consuming to work with and may sometimes not work properly due to the large number of users and limited resources.

Download Instagram videos with Bot Telegram

@Instasave_bot is one of the most popular among Persian-speaking users that you can easily get help to download videos from Instagram or even other people’s profile pictures. It should be noted that these bots can not access the content of private accounts; As a result, if you are looking to download video from such accounts, it is better to use the methods mentioned in the previous sections.

Save Instagram videos with online tools

The last way to download videos from Instagram in our list is to use dedicated websites to do so. Such websites are very easy to use and there is no need to install special software or applications. Just enter them and then enter the URL of the content you want. Most of them are able to download all the content on Instagram such as Rails, Stories and IGTV along with the posts; Provided that the account is entered as Public Be available.

Download videos from Instagram

Some of the websites with video download tools from Instagram are listed below; However, you can find many more items by searching for “Instagram Downloader” on Google. Some of them can download files with Different qualities They also offer.

  • Igram.io
  • W3toys.com
  • Snapinsta.app
  • Instafinsta.com
  • Instadownloader.co

Using Instagram source code and computer-specific software are other ways to download images and videos from Instagram; But due to the complexity or ease of improper use, they were not addressed in this article.


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