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In recent days, the safesearch feature has been activated for some users, in this article we teach how to disable or turn off Google’s safe search mode.

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In the last one or two days, the conversion of Google’s Internet search status to Safe mode has caused widespread protests and criticism from many users in cyberspace.


The safe search mode or safesearch is a feature provided by Google for the use of this search engine by children under the age of 12. By activating this feature, the publication of all immoral or inappropriate content for children on Google will be disabled or turned off.

But this feature has been activated for many Iranian users and has disrupted the connection with Google, thus speculations have been made about the implementation of the safety plan or extensive filtering in Iran.

A number of experts in this field announced that Iranian search IPs reach the origin of search engines by changing, thus Iranian users have limited access to Google search results.

Of course, it should be noted that the safesearch search mode has not been activated for all people, but users of some operators and ISPs have reported that Google’s free search has been disabled.

This feature can cause a lot of problems for people who have Internet-based businesses, and all people should have the right to access the Internet without restrictions and various news, scientific and public sources.

In any case, if you have encountered this problem and are looking for a solution to turn off or disable the safesearch mode, in this article we will introduce you a method to disable Google’s safe search. In this way, follow us by learning how to disable Google safesearch:

  • First, you must make sure that Google is in Safe mode for you, to ensure this mode, enter the word “Safe Search” in Google search, if you see the word On in Your Safesearch Settings, it means that you belong to that category. You are people for whom this mode is activated.

  • Now, in the upper right part of the Google Chrome browser, hit the three dots and select Settings.

safesearch off

  • On the opened page, click Privacy and security.

Safe Search disabled

  • In this section, select the Use secure DNS option.

Safe Search disabled

  • On this page, select Cloudflare ( from the drop-down list.

safesearch disabled safesearch disabled

  • Now return to the Google search page and refresh the page. In this case, you will see the off option in the Your Safesearch Settings section.

safesearch disabled

  • With these settings you can turn off or disable safesearch.

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