How to Check & Manage Your Data Usage on Android Phone


In this article, we will introduce a tool from the Android operating system that can be used to easily check and manage the data (SIM card Internet) usage. If you want to know how to check and manage data usage on android phone then read this article till the end.

Have you asked yourself why is my phone using so much data all of a sudden or why is my phone using data when I’m not on it? Nowadays, with the widespread use of mobile gadgets, especially smartphones, it has become more difficult to control the consumption of the data (Internet) on mobile phones, to the extent that many people prefer to turn a blind eye to Internet consumption to avoid exorbitant costs. In this short article, we will show you how to use the tool provided by Android System .

All Android-based devices use a suite of tools to monitor data usage, allowing you to set data alerts and restrictions to prevent overuse of data. In the following, we will teach you a method that can be used to control the internet data consumption of the phone SIM card.

How to Check & Manage Your Data Usage on Android Phone?

To Check & Manage Your Data Usage on Android Phone follow the below tutorial.

First, swipe down the settings shortcut page on your Android tablet or phone and click the “Gear” icon to enter its “Settings” menu.

The location of the data settings may vary depending on the Android phones of different companies; But in general you can find it in the data usage settings> settings. On Samsung smartphones, go to Connections> Data Usage> Mobile Data; Of course, in this tutorial, we use Google Pixel.

Select “Network & Internet” from the top of the “Settings” menu.

Now, by tapping Mobile Network at the top of the page, you will see how much of your SIM card data you have consumed this month.

Also, at the bottom of the page, by entering the App Data Usage section, you will see a list of applications that have received the most consumed traffic.

In addition, the graph shows the data usage of applications installed on the phone from the highest to the lowest consumption, respectively. Tap on your SIM card to prevent the application from accessing the Internet, as provided.

You will see an option called Background Data that you can enable. This terminates the application access to the mobile data internet in the background; However, if the application is opened, it will be accessed again.

The next thing we can do is set up a data warning and limit. Go back to the overview page with your data usage at the top of the screen. Tap “Data Warning & Limit.”

In this section, first, toggle the switch on for “Set Data Warning.”.

Next, consider a certain amount of volume for the program to use your Sim card data. When you reach this number, you will receive a usage notification message. Tap “Set” when done.

In the latter option,  if you want your phone to cut off data usage completely when you reach a limit, toggle the switch for “Set Data Limit.” A message will explain that mobile data will be turned off when you reach the limit.

In this step, enable the Data Limit. As we did before, now enter a certain amount for the data cut limit and set it.

Using this tutorial, along with the tools that Android has provided by default, we can manage our mobile phone data. In addition to these tools, there are numerous other applications that manage our mobile phone data in a specialized and centralized manner; For example, the free GlassWire app.

GlassWire with it’s unique design has all the tools mentioned in this article, with the difference that you can manage WiFi in addition to controlling your SIM card data.


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