How much do the people of Iran and other countries have to work to buy a car?


In this article, we examine how much a simple employee in different countries, including Iran, should work to buy a car.

Buying a car is among the goals and plans of every citizen around the world; Of course, in Iran, this issue has changed from “goal” to “desire”.


The ever-increasing prices of low-quality cars are one of the problems faced by Iranian citizens, and the fact that one has to work for more than a few years now to spend the money spent on buying a house several years ago is very annoying.

Late September after Introduction of iPhone 14in an article similar to Investigating the purchasing power of iPhone 14 among people of different countries We paid and for this article we use the table of the average amount of income of a “simple employee” in different countries that we used in the same article.

As you know, it is naturally not easy to get accurate statistics of the income of different countries of the world, such as Europe, America, East Asia and other parts of the Middle East that we mention in this article. We tried to reach relatively reliable numbers for 2022 by removing outliers and calculating the average income of different countries from reliable sites and comparing them. Considering the changing prices of cars in the Iranian market, we consider a certain price.

The amount of income of an Iranian employee

As we mentioned in the previous article, it is more difficult to get accurate numbers from our own country! For the poverty line in Iran, a number between 10 and 17 million tomans is heard, which is announced by various authorities.

Different numbers and figures are found for the amount of income and its average, and the result of our search based on the official rate of the Ministry of Labor for the year 1401 in one month is as follows:

  • Basic salary of the Ministry of Labor: 4 million and 200 thousand tomans
  • Salaries of other levels of the Ministry of Labor: 5 million and 200 thousand tomans
  • Total income of single people without children and work experience: 5 million and 600 thousand tomans
  • Salaries of government employees: 5 million and 600 thousand tomans
  • Average salary of government employees: 8 million tomans

As in the previous article, according to the mentioned numbers and other obtained numbers, we calculate the amount of salary received by a typical Iranian employee 7 million tomans We consider it in the month and move forward with the same number.

The average monthly salary of an employee in different countries of the world

According to the initial explanations, it is not possible to obtain exact numbers from a specific reference, and for the accuracy of this article, we obtained different numbers from different references and found the closest number to the original numbers. For each country, we used global and international resources as well as domestic resources of that country and converted the final amount into dollars.

For some countries, such as America, where there were several rates and statistics in different regions, we used their average, and for countries that had a wide numerical range, we also wrote the average. However, the actual numbers of each country may differ from our list.

In the table below, we take a look at the average salary received in each country and its figure in dollars and Tomans.

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Country The average monthly salary of an employee in dollars The average employee’s salary converted into Tomans
Denmark $5,900 191,750,000
Switzerland $5,760 187,200,000
United Arab Emirates $5,340 173,550,000
Norway $5,050 164,125,000
United States of America $5,000
Sweden $4,700 152,750,000
Canada $4,600 149,500,000
china $4,530 147,225,000
Saudi Arabia $4,440 144,300,000
Diameter $4,400 143,000,000
Japan $3,600 117,000,000
Great Britain $3,500 113,750,000
South Korea $2,800 91,000,000
South Africa $1,800 58,500,000
Iran $215 7,000,000

Naturally, judging the welfare of the people of a country based on their income will not be correct at all. Although it is often true that a higher cost of living leads to a higher standard of living, the cost of living in South Africa is very different from the cost of living in the UK or North America. In general, the level of well-being in terms of income, taxes and living expenses is at its peak in the countries of the Scandinavian region.

Be careful that the price of dollars, to convert to Tomans, is equivalent 32 thousand and 500 tomans Is considered

How much does an employee in any country have to work to buy the best-selling car there?

For this sector, the biggest challenge is choosing the right car for each country. Naturally, a car like Toyota Camry cannot be considered for the welfare level of a country like Iran; Therefore, for each country and region, we consider their relatively best-selling and common cars. So naturally, when comparing how much an employee in each country has to work to buy a car, pay attention to the fact that the quality of the car in question is different in different countries.

In this section, for each region, we consider two cars that are not considered luxury cars and are suitable and available for the citizens of those countries in terms of sales and price.

For European countries, Volkswagen T-Roc We consider that it is the most popular and best-selling car in Europe. The price of the base model of the 2023 version is approx 36 thousand dollars we will consider. Other popular and best-selling cars in Europe include: Peugeot 208 He mentioned that the price of the 2023 model is from 30 thousand dollars Starts. In the UK though Nissan Qashqai And Ford Puma are the best sellers whose base price respectively 34 thousand And 30 thousand It is dollars.

The most popular cars in America and Canada are two trucks Ford F series (with a price of approx 40 thousand dollars for the XLT model) and Chevrolet Silverado, but we only consider one of the trucks and instead of the second car, Toyota RAV4 which is an SUV with a basic price 27 thousand dollars We put it in the table.

For other Persian Gulf countries, Toyota Camry 2023 With price 30 thousand dollars We consider that it is very popular and best-selling especially in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Nissan Patrol With price 80 thousand dollars Another car of our choice for the Middle East region is that we check how much each employee in these countries has to work to buy it. The other best-selling cars in the Persian Gulf countries were, on average, almost double the price of the other best-selling cars on this list, which include cars such as Land Cruiser And BMW X5 would be

For East Asian countries and for China, cars Toyota Corolla At a reasonable price 23 thousand dollars And Tesla Model Y With price 65 thousand dollars We consider For Japan, go to $24,000 Toyota Yaris And Honda N-Box good price 20 thousand dollars They are the best-selling cars in this country. The first and second ranks of the most popular South Korean khordoos include Hyundai Porter (single 13 thousand dollars) And What is Bongo? (20 thousand dollars) may be that their prices are lower than other parts of the world according to the actions of the Korean government.
The last country on our list is South Africa. car Toyota Hilux which in this country with the basic price 17 thousand dollars is sold, it is considered the best-selling car in this country. Ford Ranger Another fairly popular South African car for the price 19 thousand dollars It is in this country.

Now it’s time to take a look at how much a simple employee in each country has to work to buy the best-selling and common car of that country in the table below:

Country The car in question The price of the car converted into Tomans* Some work time required to buy a car
Volkswagen T-Roc 1,170,000,000 6 months
Peugeot 208 975,000,000 5 months
Volkswagen T-Roc 1,170,000,000 6 months
Peugeot 208 975,000,000 5 months
Volkswagen T-Roc 1,170,000,000 7 and a half months
Peugeot 208 975,000,000 6 and a half months
Volkswagen T-Roc 1,170,000,000 7 months
Peugeot 208 975,000,000 6 months
Great Britain
Nissan Qashqai 1,105,000,000 9 and a half months
Ford Puma 975,000,000 8 and a half months
United States of America
Ford F-150 1,300,000,000 8 months
Toyota RAV4 877,500,000 5 and a half months
Ford F-150 1,300,000,000 8 and a half months
Toyota RAV4 877,500,000 6 months
Toyota Camry 975,000,000 7 months
Nissan Patrol 2,600,000,000 1 year and a half
United Arab Emirates
Toyota Camry 975,000,000 5 and a half months
Nissan Patrol 2,600,000,000 1 year and 3 months
Saudi Arabia
Toyota Camry 975,000,000 7 months
Nissan Patrol 2,600,000,000 1 year and 3 months
Toyota Corolla 747,000,000 5 months
Tesla Model Y 2,112,500,000 1 year and 2 months

Toyota Yaris 780,000,000 6 and a half months
Honda N-Box 650,000,000 5 and a half months
South Korea
Hyundai Porter 422,500,000 4 and a half months
What is Bongo? 650,000,000 7 months
South Africa
Toyota Hilux 552,500,000 9 and a half months
Ford Ranger 617,500,000 10 and a half months
Pride SE 131 – 2019 model 185,000,000 2 years and 3 months
Quick Gear S – Model 1401 225,000,000 2 years and 8 months

* Keep in mind that the prices of foreign cars in Tomans are simply the prices converted from dollars to Tomans, and due to costs such as customs, these figures will not be close to the purchase price of these cars in Iran.

Be careful that the numbers in the left column of this table are taken on the assumption that a person can save 100% of his income, which is not the case, and everyone’s savings amount will be different with his lifestyle and expenses, which is calculated by himself. The person returns.

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