How many businesses have been affected by the Instagram filter?


The Tehran Electronic Commerce Association released a statement and spoke about the number of businesses and people affected by the interruption and disruption of the Internet in the last ten days.

The Tehran Electronic Commerce Association, whose members are large companies in the field of electronic commerce such as Digikala, Aparat, Zarinpal, Divar, Kafe Bazaar, etc., protested against the recent Internet filtering and restrictions, and announced that Instagram filtering 400 thousand Business is on the brink of destruction and livelihood One million people has endangered


The Tehran Electronic Commerce Association has recently issued a statement, seriously criticizing the current conditions of the Internet and the restrictions imposed.

This association stated at the beginning of its statement: The Tehran Electronic Commerce Association, while expressing its condolences for the loss of a group of our compatriots in the recent protests, expresses its impression of these incidents.

In this statement, expressing concern about the future of the e-commerce industry, it is stated that this association considers it its duty to express its objection to the filtering and restrictions imposed on the Internet and social networks, in line with the opinion of the majority of the member companies of this organization.

In this statement, filtering is likened to the “blade of internal sanctions” and concerns are expressed about this situation. This association further protested the heavy damages that the restriction of the Internet and social networks causes to small and home businesses and announced: cutting off access to Instagram has put more than 400 thousand businesses at risk of destruction and the livelihood of more than It has caused a million people with serious problems.

In this statement, it is stated: Filtering of social networks, coercive treatment of users of this space and dozens of other wrong decisions, not only has the ax hit the root of the country’s e-commerce, but this time it has created a wave of dissatisfaction among the personnel of companies and technology businesses. It has caused the strike of some of the employees of these companies.

In its statement, criticizing the way the Internet is managed, this trade body believes that such decisions will cause an irreversible impact on the digital economy and destroy the remaining hope among professionals. It is also mentioned at the end of this statement that such decisions will make the migration of elites to abroad smoother.

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