HMD’s global roaming service failed within two years


The HMD Connect service was launched in early 2020, enabling easy roaming connectivity.

In this service, users were able to choose a regular SIM card or eSIM option and could choose their desired plan from 14-day data plans for 120 countries. HMD has now quietly announced its decision to discontinue HMD Connect.


Therefore, the activity of this service will be stopped from December 15, 2022 (December 24).

This means that users will lose access to any active data plans. The company will stop selling data plans after November 15. Therefore, those users who have planned to travel abroad in the next 1-2 months; They can still choose the data plan they want. All remaining credits will be returned to customers after December 24.

But what factor has made HMD make this decision?

In line with this, the company has not published any press release and has only updated the content of the HMD Connect page. It seems that the launch of a roaming service in early 2020 was very ill-timed; Because during this period, due to the widespread spread of the corona virus, the process of closing international trips began.

Today, most of these restrictions have been removed; But it is probably too late to improve the working conditions of the HMD Connect service.

In terms of appearance, HMD Mobile will continue to operate; But this carrier will be considered an MVNO operator in the UK (capable of covering European travel). HMD also works in the field of providing corporate communication services. It seems that the recent decision of the company will not affect the activity of these services.

HMD Connect Pro, for example, offers roaming data plans for IoT devices in more than 180 countries and 600 mobile networks.

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