Hive exclusive lines and its advantages and facilities compared to other lines


With the widespread use of mobile phones, a new technique was added to the world of marketing, which attracted everyone’s attention in a short period of time. SMS marketing is a method of marketing that has many advantages for businesses in addition to being affordable. All you need to start an SMS campaign is a line to send SMS and a SMS panel to manage them.

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You must have noticed that the numbers from which you received promotional SMS are different from other numbers. In fact, the lines used to send mass SMS are dedicated lines. But if you plan to launch an SMS campaign, you don’t need to worry about finding a dedicated line. Kondo’s SMS panel has made it possible for its customers to choose and purchase the dedicated lines they need when purchasing the SMS panel. But what are the advantages and applications of Kondo’s dedicated lines for your business?


Introduction of exclusive lines of the hive

Dedicated lines are almost similar to telecommunication operator lines and allow business owners to communicate with their customers. As you know, establishing two-way communication and interacting with customers is one of the important principles of marketing and achieving more sales, and Kondo’s SMS panel helps your business in this field. Dedicated lines with various prefixes are offered to business owners, and you can choose and buy the line you want when buying Kendo’s SMS panel through this system.

Dedicated lines with prefixes 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 021, etc. are among the most popular SMS lines among Kondo SMS customers. Of course, one of the reasons why Kendu is the first choice of employers is the reasonable and cheap prices of its dedicated lines; However, the unique features of the SMS panel should not be ignored.

Which dedicated line is right for your business?

Many people assume that different dedicated lines are used for different purposes; For example, one of the prefixes is used only for surveys or the other only for sending notification SMS. But most people in the society do not know that all dedicated lines provide almost the same services to customers. But all the services you expect are provided by the SMS service provider, and therefore you should be obsessive in choosing your SMS panel.

The most reliable official authority for sending short messages offers various features to its subscribers, which you can see detailed details on the features page of this system. Some of the features of Kendo’s exclusive lines are:

  • High speed bulk SMS sending
  • Providing a detailed SMS campaign report
  • Being a delivery base
  • And …

Advantages of buying a special line of hives

Kondo’s SMS panel is one of the pioneers of SMS marketing in Iran. This system has been operating since 2004 and has several decades of experience in serving various businesses. Therefore, these experiences have made Kendo always provide the best possible quality to its customers and gain their satisfaction and trust. Some of the unique benefits you get by purchasing a dedicated line from Kondo SMS are:

  • The line purchased from Kondo’s SMS sending panel is cheap and affordable.
  • It is possible for you to purchase several dedicated lines and use them at the same time.
  • By using one of Kendo’s SMS panel services, you will be able to manage several private lines.
  • The user interface of Kendo SMS sending system is very simple and you can easily use its features.
  • Kondo’s SMS panel provides 24-hour support to its customers and answers users’ questions.
  • All SMS panel services are Kendo Deliver Base, and the cost of SMS messages that did not reach the audience will be returned to you.
  • Private lines are inquired and activated in the shortest possible time.

Many business owners think that buying and activating a dedicated line and setting up a SMS panel is time-consuming and difficult. But since customer orientation is one of the prominent features of this SMS panel, the entire process of setting up the panel is done in the shortest possible time for customers. Of course, you can see all the information about sending advertising SMS with the SMS panel on the SMS tariff page. In your opinion, which of Kendo’s exclusive lines is suitable for your business?

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