Has the increase in fixed telephone tariffs been approved?


Recently, new landline tariffs were announced from the telecommunications side. In addition to increasing the rate of landline calls, this new tariff also mentions the payment of a fixed monthly amount to keep the line, which we will discuss further.

The increase in the monthly cost of landline telephones was approved this summer and will be applied and enforced if the regulatory approval is given and notified to the telecommunications company. In this regard, Mohammad Reza Bidkham, General Manager of Communications and International Affairs of Iran Telecommunication Company said: The fixed telephone tariff has not changed for almost 12 years despite the increase in inflation. We submitted our request to change the tariff to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and they reviewed it and the expert work was done.


Apparently, in this new tariff, it is mentioned that in Tehran province, for 4444 minutes of conversation, a fee equal to 20 thousand tomans, for other centers of provinces, for at least 3333 minutes of conversation, 15 thousand tomans as the minimum payment, and for other cities, for 2666 minutes of conversation, it is equivalent to ten A thousand tomans will be added to the phone bill.

Also, according to this resolution, users of landline phones in Tehran province must pay 20 thousand tomans per month to maintain their landline. This fee is included only for residents of the capital and those who have not used their line and just want to keep it.

Bidkham added: This tariff was approved by the Radio Regulatory Organization and the Communications Regulatory Commission and was sent to the Market Regulatory Commission. It was approved there with conditions and after that it was notified to the Ministry of Communications.

He further said that they are waiting for the Market Regulation Commission’s review and notification through the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to start the notification process in this regard.

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