Half of the smartphone users in America use Apple iPhones


Although Samsung still maintains its position as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world; But Apple still has the upper hand in the US market compared to its Korean rival. The new achievement of the Cupertino giant in the American market is not at all happy for Samsung; Because Apple has recently reached a new milestone in the US smartphone market and has surpassed all other Android devices in this way.

According to a new article by Counterpoint Research analysts shared by the Financial Times; 50 percent of smartphone users in the United States use Apple iPhones, and the remaining 50 percent own about 150 different Android models, including Samsung Galaxy devices.


Half of smartphone users in the United States rely on iPhones

To be more precise, 50% of Apple’s access to the market is clearly related to active users; Therefore, this issue is not limited to smartphone transfers in 2022. In other words, now 50% of all smartphone users in the United States are using the iPhone. However, it is unclear how many devices will be in use in 2022 and what percentage of users will be using older iPhone models.

Regardless of all these things, Apple’s success in acquiring a 50% share of the US smartphone market is an important milestone for the company and possibly a warning signal for Samsung. Since the release of the first generation iPhone in 2007, Apple’s handsets have never managed to capture a 50% share of the user base in the market. Therefore, this phenomenon is considered a very big achievement and will undoubtedly be a source of satisfaction for Apple. The remaining 50 percent of smartphone users in the United States use phones manufactured by Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, and other brands.

Now Apple is preparing to unveil its iPhone 14 series phones. Meanwhile, Samsung has launched its latest expensive devices for 2022, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. By holding the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung’s marketing team has now focused all its attention on the release of the iPhone 14 series by the rival company and mocked Apple’s approach in its advertisements. The Korean technology giant is probably under pressure from Apple and with its old methods; At least in the field of television broadcasting, it tries to get rid of this pressure.

According to predictions, Apple will launch 4 different models of its iPhone 14 series at the end of this year. Also, Samsung Display will supply more than 80% of the panels needed by this family.

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