Hackers gained access to users’ data by breaking into Samsung’s systems


Now we know that no company, not even Samsung, can fully guarantee data security. Recently, a new report has been published about a new incident in the field of cyber security. Hackers had previously gained access to the source code of the Samsung Galaxy; But this issue did not cause much noise; Because user information was not threatened. But during the recent attack, the personal information of Samsung customers was made available to hackers.

Samsung confirmed the leak of user data


According to Samsung, although part of the customer data was leaked; However, social security numbers and information related to credit and debit cards were not available to the attackers. According to Samsung, hackers may have gained access to information such as name, contact information, demographic information, date of birth and product registration data. Worst of all, there is no specific information about the number of affected users. The Korean giant sent emails to users whose data was compromised; has established communication.

In the meantime, some users ask whether it will be vital to take any immediate action. Samsung’s answer to this question is negative. Samsung also noted that it is currently investigating the incident and will release more information on the issue later. Also, Samsung has announced that it will share its request with users if necessary to take the necessary measures. This time, as usual, Samsung has asked users to be cautious and to discuss the matter with the company if they receive suspicious emails.

Samsung reported that hackers may have gained access to the company’s systems in late July; But they did not notice the issue immediately and found out about this attack in August. Realizing that attackers had access to user data, Samsung took measures to improve the security of its systems and even hired a third-party cyber security company. In addition, the Korean giant is also in contact with law enforcement.

Samsung issued an official statement saying: “We are committed to protecting the security and privacy of our customers. We are working hard to increase the security of all our systems through immediate and long-term measures.”

Samsung is not the first and not the last company to face the problems of data leakage of its customers. In August, some other big companies officially confirmed the news of leaking their users’ data, including Plex and Twitter.

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