Guide to installing Metatrader 5 software on Windows


To open a demo account you must:

1. Open your Metatrader 5.
2. In the upper part of the menu, click on the file option.
3. Select the option to open an account.
4. In the search section (search your broker’s name), enter the name of your broker, International Trading Brachium. Click on it and press next option.


5. On the opened page, to create a demo account, select the first option (open a demo account to trade virtual money without risk).
6. In this window, please enter your personal information such as name, phone number and email.

Remember that the correctness of the entered information is very important. In the account type section, you must select the type of account (standard, stock and pro). To check all three accounts, you can go to ITB broker accounts page. Finally, you have to select the (virtual) account balance and trading account leverage and click accept. At this point, your demo account has been successfully created and you can start trading quickly. Please keep your account information, such as account number and password. Also, you can install Metatrader 5 on your mobile phone and directly connect to your account by scanning the QR code without entering any other information. This article, part of the article Guide to installing Metatrader 5 software on Windows Is.

Guide to opening a real account in Forex

It is expected that you have installed the trading platform (MetaTrader 5). If you have not yet worked with a demo account, we strongly recommend that you first log into a demo account and then read the basics of opening a real account. If you have practiced with a demo account and traded for several days in a test account and are fully familiar with the market and also know how to trade and the terms of the forex market, now is the time to enter the millionaire club of world traders with a real account. Welcome to the Global Traders Club.

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