GTA 6 game development will cost about 2 billion dollars!


The development of the game Grand Theft Auto VI will probably cost about 2 billion dollars for Rockstar Games. This news was published by a Twitter account with the ID News Leaks GTAS. The mentioned user account has relied on the messages of a hacker nicknamed Teapotuber, who was involved in the process of hacking the Rockstar game production studio, to prepare his recent report.

In order to confirm his words, the Twitter user has displayed the screenshots taken from the correspondence between Teapotuber and another user in one of the special hacker forums. Also, from the messages published by Teapotuber, it can be argued that GTA VI has a working title of Americas and the development of this project started in 2016.


“The development of the GTA 6 (Americas) project has started since 2014 with a budget allocation of about 2 billion dollars. This issue was announced by a former hacker and leaker of GTA 6 news known as Teapotuber, while talking to a group of hackers. In order to ensure the authenticity of the claim, you can refer to the screenshots.” – News Leaks GTAS @; September 24, 2022

However, the announced budget of 2 billion dollars does not represent the final cost, and according to the hackers, Rockstar Games has incurred exorbitant costs for the development of the GTA 6 game. Also, the publication of this project until next year seems unlikely. The mentioned hacker mentioned earlier a very different figure for the development cost of the GTA game; The figure compared to the recently announced cost is about 4 times lower.

According to the standards of the gaming industry, the allocation of 2 billion dollars in capital for the development of a game is considered an extraordinary amount. For comparison, it is interesting to know that the most expensive game in the world to date, Star Citizen, cost about 420 million dollars. The development of the second most expensive project called Cyberpunk 2077 has cost about 331 million dollars for the Polish studio CD Projekt Red. Based on the published data, it can be argued that the GTA V project cost about 137 million dollars.

Evidence leaked last Friday indicated the arrest of a 17-year-old hacker in Britain. Apparently, this hacker had previously published GTA 6 gameplay videos on the web.

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