Google will move the production of its Pixel devices to Vietnam


In its new report, the New York Times has examined the approach of some large technology companies and how to move the production of the world’s most popular technologies from China to Vietnam. The names of Google, Apple and Microsoft companies are mentioned in this report.

The New York Times announced in a note: “Google will produce part of its latest pixel devices in Vietnam.” Citing statements from people familiar with Google’s plans, the New York Times claimed that the search giant plans to move the assembly of its Pixel phones from Foxconn’s factories in southern China to Vietnam. Thus, the production of the Pixel 7 series will begin in Vietnam.


According to reports, Google predicts that Vietnam will produce half of the high-end Pixel phones next year. Google has a new foldable device in production and this product will probably be released in 2023. Also, this smartphone will probably continue to be produced in China. According to some experts, advanced display and hinge technologies require the production of the foldable Pixel phone to be done closer to key suppliers in China.

The report published in early August showed that Google has entrusted the production of its new devices to Foxconn for release in the fourth quarter of 2022. But this issue is not consistent with the outlook of the New York Times for 2023. Google’s foldable Pixel phone will probably be launched under the brand name Pixel Notepad, and according to rumors, it will be considered an expensive gadget.

Image of Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch

Although Google has not yet confirmed the release of its future foldable Pixel phone; But reports and rumors show that the introduction of this gadget has been delayed many times. The widespread spread of the corona virus in China is considered one of the major factors of disruption in the supply chain. The repeated enforcement of quarantine rules caused delays in the production process and negatively affected the sales of large technology companies.

An unofficial image of Google’s foldable Pixel device

A small part of Apple’s 2022 iPhones will be produced in India. Meanwhile, Apple has already started producing iPads and smartwatches in Vietnam. A list of Apple’s recent requests from its top 200 suppliers shows that about 10 percent have factories in Vietnam. It seems that Apple will transfer part of the overall production of iPhones to this country in order to evaluate its ability to produce iPhones in India.

Released renders of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

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