Google unveiled a completely new operating system for smart devices


Google is hoping to increase its share of the software industry with the release of a new operating system for machine learning tools. This operating system is named KataOS and according to a blog post published by the company, it is a completely secure and optimized platform for embedded devices running machine learning programs. KataOS will run alongside its reference implementation called Sparrow.

Today, most computer users are used to using Windows and macOS operating systems; While professional users have to prepare their favorite Linux distribution to perform more specific operations. Google has emphasized in its new statement that as smart devices become more common, creating verifiable secure systems for embedded hardware is of particular importance.


According to Google, if data safety is not proven mathematically; In this case, users’ personal identification data such as recorded images and sounds will probably be at risk. Although there is still much work to be done; But Google has confirmed some details about the upcoming operating system KataOS.

In the past, this company preferred using Carbon and C++ programming languages; But now, according to the information on the GitHub page, it can be argued that the new project is almost entirely written in the Rust programming language. The Register website has taken a closer look at the seL4 microkernel; A part that is normally implemented in C language. This article explains how the CAmkES architecture is used as an abstraction layer to connect layers written in C and Rust languages ​​together. CAmkES architecture typically uses Haskell and Python programming languages.

Google believes that this operating system is the first step towards a future where intelligent adaptive machine learning systems will always be reliable. The American company hopes that future developments will provide the open source of all parts of the Sparrow project in both software and hardware areas.

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