Google Maps has removed the Covid-19 outbreak tracker layer


During the peak of the global spread of the Corona virus, Google Maps unveiled a new layer that allowed users to find out about the number of cases of Covid-19 and its progress in a specific area. Since then, special checkboxes have been added to the program for businesses implementing preventive measures against disease outbreaks.

Today, due to various reasons, the number of cases of this disease has decreased, and for this reason, Google Maps has abandoned the special filter for Covid-19. According to the website 9to5Google, the search giant removed this layer in September this year. Thus, not only the number of people using the mentioned feature at that point in time was determined; Moreover, the number of users using this feature during the Corona outbreak was also clarified. Also, as people now have access to vaccines and other resources, their information needs have also evolved.


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Vaccination clinics and virus testing sites will appear in Google Maps search results for as long as necessary. Of course, Google cannot officially comment on the end of the Corona epidemic period. On the other hand, governments also avoid such action. Thanks to the distribution of the vaccine, the number of cases of the disease has probably decreased to some extent. Also, the health authorities have defined new mechanisms on how to identify the cases of infection with the Covid-19 disease and have reduced the number of times of publication of reports related to the cases of infection.

All these cases show that the world community has not yet fully recovered from the Corona crisis. Some people will probably never become immune to this disease. Many of these people have already been infected with covid disease or their immune system is so serious that they are deprived of being in many places. Therefore, people should be careful when they are in dangerous places.

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