Google is working on developing a new tablet called Pixel Tablet Pro


Google has already announced that it is working on a new model of Pixel tablets and this product will be released next year. However, it seems that the mentioned gadget is not the only tablet being developed by Google and the search giant is also working on the development of its more advanced model called Pixel Tablet Pro.

This news was published by 9To5Google website. This website found evidence of the existence of this tablet while searching the latest code snippet related to Android 13. In the mentioned piece of code, a device with the code name “tangorpro” is mentioned. Experts believe that this device will be the same Pixel Tablet Pro. For the information of the uninformed, it should be noted that the normal version of the Google Pixel tablet has the code name tangor. So this basically means that the search giant is working on a more advanced model of its Pixel tablet.


Unfortunately, there are no more detailed details about the Pixel Tablet Pro at the moment. Although it seems that the rear camera sensor in the Pro model will be different from the one used in the standard Pixel tablet model. Based on the information published up to this moment, we know that the Google Pixel tablet will be launched in the near future. Also, this tablet uses the same Tensor series chip that was previously used in the Google Pixel 6 family; will benefit

Experts also believe that the Pixel tablet will also support a stylus pen. However, it is not clear whether this pen will come with the tablet or not. The review of other Android codes also indicates the release of an affordable tablet with suitable technical specifications. If these speculations are correct; In this case, the improvements applied in the Pixel Tablet Pro will probably be much more impressive compared to the regular tablet model.

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