Google is looking to buy Mandiant; A $4.5 billion cyber security company


Google is apparently in talks with a cybersecurity company Mandiant Is and wants to take it. The American company was founded in 2004 and became famous in 2013 when it reported on China’s role in cyber espionage. The value of this company now $ 4.5 billion It is estimated.

An informed source told The Information News Agency that Google and Mandiant are in talks to bring the company to a subsidiary. Cloud computing business Add Google. The business currently generates about $ 19 billion a year in revenue, but wants to become a more serious competitor to Microsoft with the purchase. The interesting thing is that apparently Microsoft He had already shown interest in buying Mandiant.

Mandiant was acquired by FireEye in 2013. However, FireEye sold its product business and name to the Symphony Technology Group consortium last year in a $ 1.2 billion deal. The company is now operating as an independent entity again. But things may change soon.

Mandiant logo

Google is thinking about cloud security

Following the release of today’s report, the value of Mandiant shares is approx 16 percent went up. Of course, cybersecurity companies as a whole have become more valuable as we see an increase in cyber attacks with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Technology giants, on the other hand, seek to increase the security of their systems by strengthening their defenses and preventing incidents such as the recent Nvidia hack.

Mandiant was founded in 2004 by former US Air Force officer Kevin Mandia. The company was originally called Red Cliff Consulting but changed its name in 2006. Mandiant for its effective role in detecting cyber attacks Solar Winds It became famous again in 2020.


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