GO and Duta 2 new victims of filtering!


According to his reports and tests IT providerPopular online games are the new victim of filtering and Callaf Duty Mobile, Fortnite, CS:GO and Dota 2 were filtered!

After the widespread disruptions of the Internet following the recent events in the country, what everyone thought would happen happened and various foreign social networks and messengers were filtered.


after Instagram and WhatsApp filter Like other communication platforms, it was not unlikely that they would be out of reach, it was time for online games!

The first online game that was filtered, the old popular game, Clash of Clans, Was! Due to the dramatic decrease in the popularity of the game Clash of Clans In recent years and its very few users, this event seemed very strange and became a source of humor for some users.

New victims of the online games filter: Kalaf Duty Mobile, Fortnite, CS:GO and Dota 2!

Now, after several days have passed since the start of widespread internet disruptions, the nationalization of mobile internet at certain times and the filtering of various services and sites, new popular online games have been added to the list of victims of filtering.

According to reports, Mobile duty caseToday, on Friday, the eighth of Mehr 1401, was the first popular online game that was filtered. In addition to gamers, even those who are not gamers enjoy playing this game, and in a way, this game can be considered the most popular and well-known online mobile game in Iran.

In the space of several minutes after the previous news, the report of the game being filtered Fortnite was also released and after that, two popular games Valve on the platform Steamthat’s mean CS: GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) and Couple 2! Access to the Steam platform itself and the games under it have apparently encountered problems and users cannot access their games.

We personally tried these games to check the authenticity of the news, and it turns out that these games are indeed filtered! In the image below, you can see the screenshot of the Dota 2 game, where you cannot connect to any server in the game search section.

Filtering Dota 2 online game

Fix Instagram and WhatsApp filter which was pledged to a strange and seemingly impossible condition. Now we have to see where the filter of popular online games will reach and whether this restriction will be permanent or not. The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Isa Zarepour, says about filtering: We are not decision makers!

If you also encounter the problem of filters in Kalaf Duty Mobile, Fortnite, CS:GO, Dota 2 or any other online game, please let us know in the comments section; If you or your friends still have easy access to these games, let us know.

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