Get to Know Windows 11 Before Release Date


According to the latest leaked images of the Windows 11 user interface, Microsoft’s next operating system has a central Start menu with rounded corners and it’s official release date is June 24.

According to engadget, Windows 11 is real and its details can be seen all over the internet. Earlier today, a Baidu user posted screenshots of the operating system, one of which showed a centralized start menu with rounded corners. This image conveyed a sense of Windows 10X to users. Especially since the Windows 10X operating system also had a Start menu with focused icons. Of course, Windows 10X is currently considered obsolete. Shortly after the images surfaced on the Internet, some tech reporters were able to find and install the early version of Windows 11. This event has made the big event of Microsoft on June 24 even more exciting. It is also possible that Microsoft intends to make Windows fans more excited by doing so. Below are some of the leaked images’ of Windows 11 operating system’s screenshots:

A reporter of technology world Tom Warren examines the leaked images for details. Windows 11 does not seem to be much different in design from its predecessor, Windows 10. But significant improvements have been made to its user interface. With the terms done, finding all Game Pass titles has become easier for the user than ever. In addition to rounded corners, there are new ways to control different sections that allow the user to easily drag a window to a specific point on the screen. Here’s how to control different windows in Windows 11:


Now that you see what the Windows 11 Start Menu UI looks like, it makes sense that Microsoft would completely abandon Windows 10X and focus on the next generation. This operating system was originally intended for dual-screen devices such as the Surface Neo. But last year, Microsoft announced that it was moving toward using it on regular laptops.

In appearance, the biggest changes have taken place in the toolbar. Microsoft has focused app icons in this area, cleaned up the notification area, and added a new Start button and menu for Windows 11.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not have a very good history of delivering different versions of Windows 10. You probably remember Windows 10 S and its failure. Now that six years have passed since the first release of Windows 10, it makes sense to move to a completely new operating system. People who use Windows more than other operating systems are hoping that Windows enhancements will be optimized for tablets, ARMs, and dual-screen PCs.

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In the toolbar of the latest version of Windows, a new icon called Widgets has been added, which has fueled rumors about the return of widgets. The first version of Windows 11 features widgets that can be used to access news, weather information, and other web content. In addition to various information and images from Windows 11, even a very short video has been released in cyberspace that contains the sound of the operating system startup.

We expect to see more changes in Windows 11 applications, but these are not seen in the initial version. Windows 11 will likely be released later this year or early 2022. People who want to experience the unofficial version of Windows 11 before its official release can register in the Windows Insider program.

What do you think about Windows 11? Will you use it after the final release?


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