Get to know the joint car of Iran Khodro and Saipa with a semi-internal engine


At the beginning of September, from the new joint car of Iran Khodro and Saipa, named M44 Unveiled. Saipa Company announced that the M44 meets today’s standards and soon the production of this car will begin with the cooperation of Iran Khodro and Saipacitroen.

Start of work and nameCypsicitroen“, goes back to the year 2015 and the beginning of the new phase of cooperation between Saipa and Citroën of France, with 50% ownership of each, Saipacitroen company was formed. After this participation, it will start M4T4 project and made C3 car It was in Cypsicitroen.


The M4T4 project we mentioned was supposed to be produced earlier than other Citroen sites and for the first time in Iran! This project progressed to the stage of making and preparing the body molds, until Citroën was banned from Iran due to the withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA!

Now that things are back to normal, Saipa plans to Citroen C3-XR with the name “M44to produce According to Saipa, this car from EC5 engine benefits. The EC5 engine is an upgraded version of the TU5, which Iran Khodro cars, such as Peugeot Pars or Peugeot 206 Type 5, are no strangers to.

In addition to the engine, a total of approx 67 percent M44 car parts are shared with Iran Khodro products. The responsibility of production and installation of body lines, color and assembly of this car is also on the shoulders of Cypasitroen.

A new joint car between Iran Khodro and Saipa Citroen

When unveiling this car at the exhibition of the transformation of the automotive industry, Saipa announced that the M44 product meets today’s standards. It is said that this car has features such as stability control system, electric clutch, keyless entry and start system, daylight, disc brakes along with technologies such as ABS system. To learn more about the ABS system, the article 10 technologies and advanced technology in car safety read the

Internalization and characteristics of the car engine

Saipasitroen Group’s engineering expert, Mohammad Mousavi, announced in an interview that more than 50% of the engine M44It has been internalized! He added that the joint Saipa and Iran Khodro car will be a powerful family product for driving in and out of the city, which he believes, if up to 70% of its engine is internalized, its price will be more reasonable.

Mohammad Mousavi said:

M44 car from one engine 4 cylinder 16 valve 1600 turbo It is beneficial that its output 163 to 165 horsepower and its torque 245 to 250 newtons per meter will be. Since it has a turbocharged engine and its twin turbo is called “Twin-TurboIt is said that the output is relatively good and the acceleration is zero to one hundred 8 seconds has it.

This Saipasitroen Group engineering expert expressed hope that the internalization of this car will reach 70% according to the plan and the final stages of its production will proceed. He believes that the M44 can be a powerful, agile and refreshing crossover in this price range; A price to be decided in the future.

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