Galaxy Watch 5 software updates will be more than Google Pixel Watch


Google’s Pixel Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 are likely to launch on the same platform, Wear OS 3.x. But these gadgets benefit from software support at different levels. Björn Kilburn; The head of the product management unit based on Google’s Wear OS operating system announced in a candid interview with the Wired website that the Pixel Watch will benefit from software updates for a period of 3 years. On the other hand, software support for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will continue for 4 years.

In explaining the reason for such a difference, it should be noted that since the release of Wear OS 3.x by Google, this company has no responsibility for updating wearable gadgets produced by other companies.


Previous versions of Wear OS received all their updates from Google. Although this phenomenon seems great in theory; But in practice, it did not help to release updates more regularly. Therefore, following the improvements made in Wear OS 3, each smartwatch manufacturer took responsibility for releasing updates for their gadgets.

In terms of the connection platform, the previous versions of Wear OS used the Wear OS by Google mobile application to communicate with the watches; But now every manufacturer has developed a dedicated application to connect their smartwatch to phones. Undoubtedly, this issue is for companies such as Samsung that have previously been active in the field of producing smartwatches on other platforms; It will not be a problem; But it’s probably one of the barriers to entry into the world of Wear OS for smaller companies or manufacturers who don’t want to allocate huge resources to their products.

According to Björn Kilburn, Google aims to release a new version of Wear OS every year. Also, in order to create new experiences during a year and the interval between the release of new versions of Wear OS, updates will be released with time intervals of 3 months. One of the strange things is that the Pixel Watch will be launched with the Fitbit Wear OS app; But it doesn’t have Google Fit installed by default (although the Google Fit app is available for all Wear OS-based devices via the Play Store). Unfortunately, Mr. Kilburn did not provide a logical explanation for this strange situation. Now the question arises whether in the next few months one of the above programs will be integrated into another? According to the history of Google’s actions, such a scenario seems very likely. However, at this point, Google has refused to provide any official explanations in this regard.

If you own a smartwatch equipped with Wear OS 2 operating system and Snapdragon Wear 4100 or 4100 Plus chips; In this case, you will probably ask where did Google’s promise to release the Wear OS 3 update for these gadgets in 2022? In response, it should be noted that this issue is apparently still on the agenda of the company. Therefore, the said update will probably be released at the end of 2022.

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