From zero to one hundred, the insecure story of Rubica being recognized and being filtered by Google Play


Yesterday, Google Play announced that the Rubika application has unauthorized access to users’ phones and is not safe.

Google Play’s Play Protect service, which is responsible for checking applications, identifying malware and warning Google Play users, announced yesterday in a message to users who had installed Rubik’s that this program has unauthorized access to messages, audio, images and Other items are available on Android phones.


After this incident, the Rubica application was removed from Google Play and other users lost access to this application.

Rubica quickly reacted to this incident and published a statement calling Google Play’s statements baseless.

Google Play message

Rubica’s statement regarding the action of Google Play

The statement said that Rubica is trying to contact Google Play and get more details about this error message.

Rubika has announced that recently no updates have been applied to this application and the accesses were unchanged as before.

Rubika said in this statement:

Also read this:

Considering the wide popularity of Rubika users, which is witnessed by the daily sending of more than 500 million unique messages by nearly 35 million active users in the last month out of nearly 50 million active installations, the possibility of political motives in this action is further strengthened. will be An attack that was recently carried out by Apple under the pretext of US sanctions against Iran.

Google Play is filtered!

After this incident, the Google Play service was completely filtered in the country, a little while ago this service had become inaccessible in the country and its CDNs were filtered, but now this service was filtered in its entirety in the country. So far, no explanation has been provided regarding the reason for filtering Google Play in the country.

Request Rubica R Google Play

Next, by sending a tweet, Rubika asked Google Play to send them the evidence and documentation that this application is spying. The text of this tweet reads:

Dear Google Play, as you know, Rubika has not had a new update during this time and has not made any changes in the level of access of the application to the phone that the user has, and in the access layer, no different request has been created than before. Let us know what you did.

Tweet of the Public Relations Center of the Ministry of Communications

In the meantime, Mohammad Ahsan Kharamid, the head of the Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, wrote on his Twitter page: According to the table, the amount of access in different apps is determined, the problem with Google Play is not the access and standard of apps, the main problem is competition and It is a violation of monopoly. First, technical and induction attacks cannot, then doubts about the validity and the next curtains..

Does Rubika really have 35 million active users?

A very important point in this context is Rubica’s claim of having 35 million active users, first of all, no official statistics and documentation have been published regarding this claim. Another point is that Instagram, which is widely used in the country by most of the people, has nearly 50 million active users in the country, now Rubika with 35 million users has attracted more than two-thirds of Instagram users and naturally this amount of users It should be recognizable in daily life, businesses and the use of this application, if these days it is less common in society that someone is active in Rubika and uses this application.

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