Free Chinese VPN exposed the data of millions of users


A Chinese company that offers a type of free VPN has targeted a large amount of Chinese users’ personal information. User information disclosures when using China Free VPN include domain ID, IP address and identity of users. This company has been found guilty due to the disclosure of more than 7.5 billion units of information data of these users.

The Chinese version of the Airplane Accelerates app series, which offers a free VPN service, has only 3,000 reviews on the App Store and is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. So, unfortunately, many users use it.


Now research the company Cybernews It suggests that the app may have exposed the information of at least tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of users in China.

The problem is worse than an ordinary leak!

Company researcher Cybernews “These disclosures are very important because they can be used for specific purposes, including manipulating and falsifying data or tracking users,” says Dr. Analysis of the company’s Android app also shows that it can act as spyware and has remote code execution capabilities.

Disclosure of free Chinese VPN

The researchers found out that an alarmingly high volume of various execution requests has been made by this Android VPN application; Such as the possibility of accessing the camera, external memory, voice recording, changing the ID of contacts and even installing software.

The researcher added: “While antivirus programs do not detect this application as malicious, our analysis indicates that it is harmful and a red light for this application.”

A month before the data of Chinese users was hacked, the company Cybernews With AP Network Pty Ltd An Australian-based company behind this free VPN got in touch. Since they haven’t heard back from the Australian company yet, they decide to publish their findings in the public interest.

The danger of free VPN

The latest research shows that using a free VPN service for online data security can be dangerous. From malicious ads to leaking personal information or worse, your device could be infected with malware or a virus. In addition, the price you will pay for the disclosure of your information may be more than these.

Chinese VPN leaks information

Worry is more when you will not be able to identify the ownership of these free services at all. Research conducted by the company Top10VPN which is on 30 popular programs in Google Play conducted, showed that 59 percent of these VPNs were actually Chinese owned, which were hidden from users.

CyberNews noted that for those living in a country like China, using these types of free VPNs exposes their internet to security officials and could be in serious trouble.

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