Four-legged robots guard the southern border of the United States


US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it is testing on the southern border of the country Four-legged robots For guarding. It is unknown at this time what they will do after leaving the post.

“Brenda Long, director of DHS Research and Development at Science and Technology (S&T), says:

“The southern border can be an unfavorable place for humans and animals, and that is exactly why the presence of a robot there is considered better and more efficient.”


Four-legged robots by the company «Ghost Robotics Made a rival to Boston Dynamics (maker of the Atlas robot). Their most popular model, called Ghost Vision 60, is 76 cm high and weighs 32 kg, and can charge more than one battery. 12 km In 3 hours.

Four-legged robots

Application of Ghost Robotics

Robots Ghost Robotics They can move independently or manually controlled by humans, and they can be moved to other devices such as Thermal cameras And Night vision Equipped. In addition, Ghost Robotics has previously demonstrated prototypes of its robot with weapons, but it is not yet clear whether DHS has tested these robots.

DHS also explained in a blog post how these robots are intended for cross-border work. According to these explanations, robots are generallyGuard dutyThey are tested outdoors, and their applications include inspecting train carriages on railroads, patrolling around and under carriages, and exploring residential buildings.

An important point that makes these four-legged robots superior to other machines with trackers or wheels is that they can move like humans in difficult places such as stairs, steep hills and rocky terrain. However, they also have clear limitations, some of which, such as limited battery life and unpredictable behavior, have been identified in actual tests.


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