Forget all the flying cars you saw; Introducing the XPeng flying car concept design + video


Recently, on the occasion of Technology Day, an event was held in Guangzhou where the Chinese company XPeng showed off a new version of its flying car. It should be noted that this preview is similar to the production model.

The company said that the prototype of this car had no problems in its first flight and was able to do it successfully. It has also successfully passed several engine failure tests.


This flying car is different from most of the previously announced models. XPeng has announced that the rest of the flying cars are not similar to cars at all and are only similar to drones that can only carry passengers.

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However, the XPeng Aeroht prototype is not only capable of flying, it can also drive on roads. The design and configuration of this car underwent changes that made it more reliable when flying. This flying car is even able to compete on the road with any normal car in terms of performance and size.

If this car wants to fly, the same steering wheel and right switch are used to control the car. As a result, it will be easier to control the path of movement, climb, descend and float in the air. According to the company itself, controlling this car, whether in the air or on the ground, is not difficult at all and can be done easily.

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