Ford reached a record 40 million F-Series sales in the United States


Ford F Series It is the best-selling car in America and one of the best-selling cars in history. This series includes pickups in different sizes and has a huge fan base in the homeland. This unparalleled popularity has led Ford to record production in recent days 40 million The device does not reach the F series.

Ford F Series

According to Ford a device F-150 Tremor Production at the Dearborn Truck plant has reached a record 40 million. This pickup has an iconic silver color and will be delivered to a Texas customer soon. Interestingly, contrary to expectations, Ford apparently has no plans to maintain this particular pickup.

It took time to record such a brilliant record 75 years It has been time. You may know that the first generation of the F series was unveiled in 1947. A cursory glance shows that Ford has been able to sell an average of 533,333 units of the various F-Series models in its homeland each year.


It is important to note that the F-Series was not the best-selling pickup truck in the United States until 1977. In other words, this series has been the best-selling pickup for 45 years. It has also been the best-selling American car for 40 years.

Ford F Series

According to available statistics, Ford last year 726,004 F-Series delivered to customers in the US; The second place with 156,616 units belongs to Rome, which has improved its position by beating Chevrolet Silverado.

Needless to say, Ford hopes to add new models such as F-150 Raptor R and all-electric version (with Lightening extension) F series More customers will go to the company’s dealerships. These two models target a completely different range of customers, because the propulsion of one of them is completely green; Under the hood is a powerful V8 engine.


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