Fluctuations in the car market Reduction in the price of some cars up to 40 million tomans


The car market has experienced various fluctuations in recent days and the prices of some cars have increased and some have decreased.

This summer, like any other season of any other year, was full of various fluctuations in the dollar price and the car market.


Following the JCPOA negotiations, the price of the dollar dropped a bit and it seemed that the price of the car will go down a bit, and with whispers from Import of foreign cars, the car market seemed to move forward without customers; But this did not happen again.

With the change of policies and the increase in the price of the dollar, the car market continued its fluctuating trend. Now let’s take a look at the price changes that include the increase and decrease in the price of some cars.

According to reports, the price of cars Tara And Peugeot 207 automatic, have had a significant drop during the summer season. Tare price 35 million tomans and automatic Peugeot 207 compared to the middle of August, 40 million tomans has decreased

Below is a look at the price drop of some Peugeot cars The beginning of summer 1401 have:

  • Peugeot 207 Automatic model 1400: price reduction of 20 million tomans Current price: 590 million tomans
  • Peugeot GLX 405 Gasoline model 2019: price reduction of 3 million tomans Current price: 290 million tomans
  • Peugeot SLX 405 Model 1400: price reduction of 13 million tomans Current price: 337 million tomans
  • Peugeot Pars ELX-TU5 Model 1401: price reduction of 15 million tomans Current price: 415 million tomans
  • Peugeot Pars LX Model 1401: price reduction of 8 million tomans Current price: 372 million tomans

After passing the summer month, let’s have a look at the first days of autumn, when most of the cars have faced an increase in price; Of course, a car (Quick Automatic plus model 1401), with 2 million tomans A price reduction has been encountered, but for example, a car Dana Normal model 1400, approx 2 million tomans The price has increased and from 380 million tomans to 382 A million tomans has been reached.

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