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Instagram, one of the largest and most popular photo and video sharing platforms, has its own problems and limitations that hinder users’ work. One of Instagram’s errors is its white screen or black screen problem.

Since the problem of the white or black page of Instagram has become a big problem for Instagram users these days, we decided to investigate the reasons and ways to solve it.


First, let’s mention a point about black screen and white screen. These two problems are actually one! Only if in mode light (Bright) be, with page white And if your phone is on dark mode (mode dark), with a black screen Face You will.

If you have a problem with the white or black screen of Instagram, you cannot post in the section feed See which is your main Instagram page. This problem can occur both through the application and through the web version of Instagram. It is possible sometimes with the message “Couldn’t refresh feed» You will encounter in the middle of this white or black screen. Sometimes nothing is loaded without an error or a message being displayed and you get stuck on the white or black page of Instagram.

Fixing the black and white page of Instagram and couldn't refresh feed

Another thing that may have happened here is that your page is inactive (disabled) has been! In this case, you need an article Return Instagram account Read (disabled or disabled).

Reasons and solutions to solve the problem of the white or black page of Instagram

For the problem of white or black screen of Instagram or errorCouldn’t refresh feed“, there are various reasons. We mention some of its possible reasons in this section:

  • Weak and slow internet

More than any other reason, poor internet causes Instagram black or white screen problem. When your internet is slow or down, Instagram can’t download the latest photos and videos and display them in your feed.

We recommend that you make sure of your internet connection and if possible, connect to another internet and try again. Also, maybe changing your IP can fix the problem.

  • Need to update the application

Another reason that might cause this problem is that your app version is too old. In general, always updating all applications to the latest version can solve various problems. error “Couldn’t refresh feedOr the problem of the white and black screen of Instagram is one of these problems that may have arisen due to not updating the application for a relatively long time. So be sure to update your Instagram application to the latest version.

  • Instagram server problem

This seems a bit unlikely. Of course, large social networks, such as Instagram and especially WhatsApp, may experience server problems and become inactive for a while, but as we said, this rarely happens and, in general, is very unlikely. Usually, when this does not happen, its news is spread in other virtual spaces and you notice it. If this is the reason for the problem, there is nothing you can do and you have to wait until Instagram fixes the problem.

  • The cache memory of the Instagram program is full

A full cache of any program can cause problems and emptying it can solve its problems. If your Instagram cache is full, it may cause problems in updating your feed section and as a result, cause black and white screen problem.

In this situation, we suggest clearing your Instagram cache through the settings section of the programs, the Instagram application and the option “Clear cache“, empty it.

  • The date and time of your phone are wrong

This problem may seem a little strange to you, but by the way, the incorrect date and time of the phone can be a problem not only in Instagram, but also in many other programs and services.

The reason is clear: all these programs and online services are constantly matching the specifications, time and date of your phone with their servers. When your phone’s time is not correct, this compatibility will fail and Instagram will not be able to update your feed, which will eventually lead to Instagram black or white screen problem.

Preferably, set the date and time to automatic mode from the settings of your phone.

  • Limiting your activities by Instagram

Instagram is always monitoring the activities of its users to eliminate inappropriate behavior on this platform. In addition, Instagram has created various restrictions for the use of this platform. Familiarity with these rules and restrictions will prevent you from encountering this problem in the future.

So, if in recent days, you have liked many posts, left many comments or followed many people, there is a high possibility that the reason you are facing the problem of white and black screen on Instagram is that your account has been limited or blocked by Instagram.

If you still have the problem of white and black screen of Instagram…

In the above section, we examined the causes of the problem of the white or black page of Instagram along with their solutions, but if you still have this problem, we recommend the article Methods to fix the Couldn’t refresh feed error on Instagram Read also to get acquainted with the special solutions for this error.

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