Fantori’s 2021 report; How did an Iranian studio reach 40 million downloads on Google Play and a dollar income?


The start of the Corona epidemic affected many industries, but the video game industry prospered due to this epidemic in 2020 and 2021; Because with stay-at-home advisories and quarantine orders in many countries, video games have become one of the main entertainment options among all age groups. Due to these issues, mobile games also experienced extraordinary growth.

In recent years, one of the genres of mobile games called hypercasual has grown significantly.


Before going into the details, we need to know a little about this style of game to have a better understanding of the mechanisms and processes of this genre:

Hypercasual games are games with simple mechanics that occupy a small amount of your mobile phone. The combination of simple mechanics and minimal user interface provides an extremely attractive user experience for the player, and unlike other genres, the range of audiences in this category is wide. Perhaps the most unique feature of this style is its income generation method; Because the developers earn money only by displaying ads during the game and there is no in-app payments.

The growth of this genre has many reasons, but the simplicity of production and game economy design can be named as the most important of them.

In Iran, many developers showed interest in this style and started producing hypercasual games. Fantori is one of the biggest businesses that has been developed specifically around this style of game. This collection started its activity in 2020 with the production and publishing of hypercasual games and until today it has published more than 50 games in its portfolio. It is noteworthy that most of these games were produced by individual developers and their distribution and growth in international markets was done by Fantori.

Recently, the publication of the annual report of this collection has drawn a lot of attention to the potential of making money from this style of game. This report, which is the first example of an annual data presentation by an Iranian game studio and publisher, contains interesting information about the state of this part of the game production ecosystem along with clues of product improvement that can provide a good insight to the game industry activists.

A glimpse of Fantori in 2021

One of Fantori’s activities as a publisher is the initial test to evaluate the growth potential of games. In this process, test campaigns are implemented and based on the standard criteria of hypercasual games, a decision is made regarding the ability to generate income and continue cooperation with each project; Last year, 25 games started this process and 6 games reached the stage of income generation (Scale Up).

Having 5 games with more than 1 million downloads, Fantori has reached a remarkable figure of 24 million downloads from Google Play in 2021 alone and a 3.5 times revenue growth compared to 2020.

According to the information in the image below, which shows the geographical distribution and revenue generation of users, the largest share of revenue belonged to North American countries, while the largest number of users was attracted from Latin and South American countries.

It is interesting to know that 51% of Fantori game users are women and 49% are men. In recent years, the population of female gamers has increased in all game platforms, and the hypercasual genre is no exception; So that a large number of games produced in this style have been developed with the theme of activities related to women such as makeup and clothing.

income generation (Monetization)

A part of Fantori’s 2021 report is dedicated to explaining the indicators that influence income generation. Optimum design of advertising positions is one of the points mentioned in this report. Since displaying too many ads leads to user dissatisfaction and game abandonment, it is very important to reach the optimal point in designing the display of ads.

Another important point is the difference in income per thousand complete ad impressions or eCPM in different geographical areas. According to the data presented, North American countries have the highest eCPM and Middle East and African countries have the lowest eCPM compared to other regions, which indicates the high value of users in countries with high income levels.

According to the chart below, the average revenue of Fantori games in 2021 has grown significantly compared to 2020. With the help of product and marketing knowledge acquired during its activity, Fantori has been able to achieve significant improvements in the process of attracting users and generating revenue from its games.

user acquisition (User Acquisition

Another part of this report is about changes in the process of attracting users in 2021. Based on the data reported in the chart below, Fantori changed its user acquisition strategy in the last six months of 2021 and focused on attracting users from countries with higher per capita income.

In which geographical region is the highest user acquisition cost?

As shown in the graph on the left, 45% of advertising costs are in North America, followed by the highest costs in European countries; The interesting point of this chart is that the cost of advertising in MENA countries, East Asia and Latin America is almost equal and lower than the mentioned areas.

In the graph on the right, the distribution of attracted users in different geographical areas can be seen. Although the North American region had the largest share of costs, only 15% of users were attracted from this region, which is the reason for the high cost of each installation in these countries.

As mentioned earlier, the production of hypercasual games is easier than the production of other types of games due to the simple mechanics and minimal environment, and the statistics published by Fantori show that the quality of the products produced in Iran can compete with global competitors and the possibility of publishing them in There is an international atmosphere.

Another factor that makes the production of this game genre attractive is earning dollars; Considering the low cost of game development in Iran, the production of this genre will be very affordable.

Analyzing the analysis of Fantori’s 2021 report, it clearly depicts the growth of this group since the beginning of its activity, which indicates the high growth of the game industry in Iran and the adaptation of the industry’s players to the current market trends.

You can read the full Fantori report in 2021 from Here Receive and view.

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