Face unlock system of Google Pixel 7 cannot replace fingerprint


Since the launch of iPhone 8, Apple has made changes in the design language of its handsets with different shapes by using dedicated hardware modules and giant TOF sensors. Google and the wider Android ecosystem have generally been reluctant to take this path for various reasons. But before this, many users relied on fingerprints for authentication. However, now it seems that Google can attract the attention of fans of 2 biometric authentication methods in an easier way by advertising the face unlock system in Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones.

The new Pixel phones this year are equipped with an upgraded wide-angle selfie camera. This camera has replaced the different sensors used in Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones. However, Google notes that this authentication mode relies on the company’s advanced machine learning models for facial recognition.


However, camera systems have been fooled many times before, and in general, Google has not provided more features to increase the accuracy of facial recognition. Therefore, the search giant has still provided the usual warnings and pointed out the necessity of having enough light and paying attention to face covering. Also, fingerprint authentication is accepted only when users are looking for Google account login confirmation for mobile apps and payments.

Now, for the convenience of users, owners of Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro handsets can rely on face unlock or fingerprint to unlock their handsets. If users want to set up all authentication methods; In this case, they will not have access to any hybrid or two-factor system to unlock Pixel devices. In fact, there are only so many biometric options available.

While talking to the Androidpolice website, Google announced that the face unlock feature of the Pixel 7 series is only for the lock screen and does not have the necessary biometric threshold to unlock applications such as password management applications and mobile payment confirmation (such as the fingerprint sensor under the display). However, this feature still provides comfort for users.

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