Face ID not working in some iPhone models after installing the new version of iOS


The presence of a new bug in the release candidate (RC) version of iOS 15.7.1 has caused interference with the Face ID system. This phenomenon causes some users to be unable to use the biometric unlock feature on their devices.

Last Tuesday, Apple released the RC beta version of iOS 15.7.1. This update tests security patches and fixes bugs found in older devices that are unable to receive the iOS 16 update; It is focused. Since then, an unspecified percentage of users have reported that the Face ID system has broken on their device with the beta firmware. Most of the reports have been published by iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro users; But this problem will probably bother users of other devices as well.


According to MacRumors website, if a user tries to reset Face ID; In this case, it will receive the error message “Face ID is Not Available”. Also, this warning asks the user to try again later. Users have admitted in their reports that this problem is solved by deleting the beta profile and installing iOS 16. Some people have the problem of not wanting to upgrade their device to iOS 16; A phenomenon that is sometimes seen at the beginning of the release cycle of a new version of iOS.

It is currently unclear whether Apple is aware of the existence of such a bug. It’s also unclear whether the new update will fix the problem of unregistered repair screens not working.

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