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Apple’s new Dynamic Island feature is a multitasking, shape-shifting notification system that replaces the iPhone 14 Pro models’ camera notch with a useful tool. Now an Android application called dynamicSpot allows Android users to work with their own dynamic island.

Apple somehow kept Dynamic Island a secret until it unveiled the iPhone 14 Pro models and this feature in September. This new feature stole almost all the attention at the unveiling event and prompted some innovative Android manufacturers like Xiaomi to work on a similar feature. The dynamicSpot app for Android phones is on the Google Play Store and has now been out of beta for over 1 million installs.


The dynamicSpot app was originally centered around the punch-hole camera, but now also works with a camera notch on the left side. The developer also added Android music controls to the app, and it’s now listed as “Dynamic Island for Android” on the Google Play Store.

We can trust the app’s 4.3 rating, which is the average rating of over 2000 users. The developer writes: “With dynamicSpot you can easily have the dynamic island feature of iPhone 14 Pro on your Android device. “DynamicSpot gives you the short and fast multitasking capabilities of Dynamic Island, making it easier to access recent notifications or phone status changes.”

Developer adds: Just tap on the small black dynamic dot/window (selfie camera) to open the displayed app, press and hold the popup to open it and see more details. Dynamic iPhone island is customizable and customizable, but dynamicSpot is customizable! You can change the app’s interaction settings. Choose when to show or hide the dynamic dot or popup, or which apps should appear in this structure. Since dynamicSpot uses the Android notification system, it is compatible with almost all apps, such as message notifications, timer apps, and even music apps.

The app’s developer, Jawomo, says there’s more to come, and we look forward to seeing where dynamicSpot goes next. You can download this program from the link below.

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