Everything You Need to Know About Jailbreaking iPhone & iPad


No doubt you came across the word jailbreak. Jailbreaking is a process that allows access to system files and the root of the iOS operating system. In this article, we are going to talk in detail about jailbreaking Apple iPhone and iPad.

what is jailbreak?

Jailbreaking iphone or ipad is the process by which changes or modifications are made to the default iOS operating system installed on the device so that the user can access system and root files that Apple does not allow by default. So in general, jailbreaking can be considered a relatively similar process to rooting Android devices.

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By jailbreaking your iPhone, you can install unofficial applications outside the App Store. Note that on Apple iOS devices, unlike Android devices, you will only be able to install applications outside the App Store by jailbreaking. After jailbreaking the device, a dedicated Cydia application is installed on the device, which allows you to access a huge list of unofficial applications outside the App Store.

Apps that you can use after jailbreaking your iPhone generally offer unique and different capabilities. For example, these applications can access and optimize parts of the device settings, which by default Apple does not allow applications in the App Store to access those parts. So by jailbreaking your iPhone, you can install apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that are not available in the App Store and offer special features.

Why jailbreak iPhone?

There are several reasons that can persuade you to jailbreak your iPhone, but in the meantime, the ability to install unofficial apps or apps outside the App Store that offer unique features can be the main compelling reason to jailbreak. Be considered an iPhone. You might think that the number of such unofficial applications available is small, if you also have an image you are completely wrong. There are now more than tens of thousands of third-party apps outside the App Store with special features to install on jailbroken iPhones.

We will explain the subject to you with an example. By default, Apple does not allow iPhone and iPad users to change the app icon or user interface. But you can do this by jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. Apps like WinterBoard are well known and popular in this area. This app, which your device must be jailbroken in order to install, can apply some amazing customizations to the interface of your iPhone or iPad. You can also add unique features to the device by jailbreaking the iPhone and iPad. Therefore, the issue does not end with the installation of applications and their use.

Another advantage of jailbreaking the iPhone is the ability to create a suitable initial platform for unlocking the device. If you are planning to unlock your iPhone software, you must jailbreak your iPhone before doing so. For more information on unlocking Apple iPhones, we recommend reading the article “What is Unlocking an iPhone and what are the methods?” Do. Keep in mind that a locked or locked iPhone can not support the SIM card and the operators you want and will be practically a useless iPhone. By unlocking it, you can remove the communication restrictions of the device. In the meantime, unlocking iPhone software will require it to be jailbroken. So another advantage of jailbreaking the iPhone is related to creating a suitable platform for unlocking the device.

Jailbreaking the iPhone is now legal in the United States, but until a few years ago it was illegal. Exactly in July 2010, the US government officially announced that jailbreaking of Apple iPhones and iPads was legal. Existing laws may be different for other countries and regions of the world, but in most countries, jailbreaking the iPhone is not important. In our country, for example, there is no discussion about the legality or illegality of jailbreaking the iPhone and it probably will not be, so it can be concluded that jailbreaking the iPhone is legal in our country as well.

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Will jailbreaking the iPhone invalidate the device warranty?
Although jailbreaking the iPhone is legal, Apple is taking a hard line on doing so. Apple believes that jailbreaking the iPhone increases the risk of the device being hacked, which of course is a completely true claim. Therefore, Apple indicates that the warranty of jailbroken iOS devices will be revoked and users of these products will not be able to use the services under Apple’s warranty. However there is an interesting solution in the meantime!

If you have jailbroken your iPhone under warranty and now intend to use the warranty for any reason, you can use the iTunes program to restore and restore the device to factory defaults. Take action and then take your iPhone to Apple Service Centers. In this case, they will not be able to detect the jailbreak of your iPhone in any way, and thus you will be able to use the services under the device warranty. Therefore, be careful never to transfer the jailbreak of the iPhone to Apple service centers in order to use the warranty, and be sure to restore the data through the iTunes program before transferring the device.

Can jailbreaking brick my iphone?

You’ve probably heard the horror story about iPhones breaking during jailbreaking! But we advise you not to worry about this anymore. The current tools are so powerful that they make it almost impossible to break while jailbreaking the iPhone. In the worst case, your iPhone may crash and not respond to your commands. In this case, you can use the iTunes program to restore the iPhone and restart it. Therefore, whenever you encounter a problem during the jailbreaking process of your iPhone or iPad, it is enough to use iTunes to restore or recover its data.

What is the difference between jailbreaking an iPhone or unlocking an iPhone?

Jailbreaking an iPhone is significantly different from unlocking it, and the two are quite different in terms of performance. However, as we mentioned before, in order to unlock your iPhone, you must first jailbreak the device. Unlocking the iPhone is about removing communication restrictions and the device’s SIM card, while jailbreaking the iPhone is related to the platform and access to its system and core files. For more information on this topic, read the article “What is the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone?” Unlock and jailbreak the iPhone.

Can we still use iTunes and the App Store after jailbreaking the iPhone?
This is one of the questions that most users think about before jailbreaking their iPhone and they are kind of worried about it. In answer to this question, we must say that yes, after jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, you can still use the iTunes application and its capabilities, as well as the official Apple App Store on your iOS device. Jailbreaking the iPhone does not change the performance of the iTunes app and the App Store. The only change you feel after jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad is the automatic installation of a new app called Cydia on your iPhone.

What is Cydia?

In short, Cydia is an app similar to the App Store, which will be available to you after jailbreaking the iPhone. In other words, Cydia is a source of downloading unofficial applications that require the device to be jailbroken. With this program or application, you can access a huge list of different and unofficial programs, and by installing them on your jailbroken iPhone, you can enjoy their unique capabilities. Note that the Cydia app is automatically installed on the device after jailbreaking the iPhone or iPad.

Can we update the operating system after jailbreaking the iPhone?
Jailbreaking the iPhone does not interfere with updating the operating system. So you can use iTunes to update your jailbroken iPhone or iPad operating system. In this case, after installing the desired update or update, the device settings are changed to the factory default and your device is somehow unblocked (exits the jailbreak mode). In this case, you need to re-jailbreak it according to the version of the iOS operating system installed on your device. If the jailbreak tool required for the operating system is not provided, you should wait for the tool to be provided by hackers and expert teams. For example, currently there is no suitable jailbreak tool for Apple iOS 10, but we will undoubtedly see it in the near future.

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Possible ways for jailbreaking iPhone and iPad?

In general, jailbreaking includes three different types, which are called Tether Jailbreak, Semi-Tether Jailbreak, and Untether Jailbreak, respectively. These three types of jailbreaks have the following meaning, respectively:

Tether Jailbreak: Tether Jailbreak is a type of jailbreak that is unstable. By performing Tether Jailbreak, the device will be jailbroken and the Cydia application icon will appear and all the capabilities of a jailbroken device will be provided to you. But the unstable part of the Tether Jailbreak is related to turning off the device. After performing Tether Jailbreak, as soon as you turn your iPhone off and on, you will have a problem, and in order to restart the device, you must jailbreak it again or restore the device using the iTunes program.

Semi-Tether Jailbreak: Semi-Tether Jailbreak is a type of jailbreak in which you can turn the device on and off after jailbreaking, but you can not get all the features provided by Cydia-related applications (Semi-Tether Jailbreak). Cydia) Use provided to you. In Semi-Tether Jailbreak, after restarting the device, you will only be able to perform tasks such as making calls, sending text messages, using the camera, and so on.
Untether Jailbreak: Jailbreak is a type of stable jailbreak. By doing Untether Jailbreak, you can easily use your iOS device and even restart it without any operational problems.

Is jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad easy?

Yes, in general, jailbreaking Apple iPhones or iPads is a very simple process. You need to download the required software and install it on your computer. Then install your iPhone or iPad to the computer and follow the required steps according to the operating conditions and instructions provided in the software. Keep in mind that there are several tutorial videos on the Internet that you can get help with a simple search. You can also contact mobile experts for more detailed information on the steps of jailbreaking iPhone and ask them for detailed guidance.

What is the best program or tool available for jailbreaking iPhone?

It can not be said for sure that a tool or application is the best tool available to jailbreak the iPhone. However, some programs or tools such as Pangu, TaiG, RedSn0w, and more are well known and trusted in this area.

Does jailbreaking an iPhone cost?

No iPhone jailbreaking is not directly included in the cost. Of course, if you give your iPhone to a certain person for jailbreaking, they may charge you for doing so, but in general, jailbreaking the iPhone does not involve a direct cost, and jailbreaking tools are provided free of charge.

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As you can see, in this article we have provided very comprehensive information about jailbreaking your iPhone. If you need more information about any of the sections and items described, you can contact us or just leave a comment down below.


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