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Hoverboard is one of the modern means of personal transportation for which there is still no exact Persian equivalent, and names such as smart scooter or perhaps two-wheel motor scooter and electric skateboard do not sound as good as they should, so we use the same word. hoverboard Or its most common name in Iran, that is electric scooter We use

Hoverboards are said to be the next generation of personal transportation, but there is no consensus on this. Apart from this, everyone who tries this mode of transportation agrees that it is very fun, easy and joyful to ride.


Various models of hoverboards or electric scooters from dozens of different brands have literally filled the market; While it seems that almost all the existing devices are based on only a few models and are made from a handful, and the Chinese factories only put them on the market with different labels, boxes and names.

In the following, we review some important points about choosing and buying a hoverboard:

  1. Today’s hoverboards are self-balancing electric scooters. Don’t expect to float through space with it.
  2. Do not buy a hoverboard for small children! The recommended age range is 12 years and above.
  3. Read customer reviews in online stores about build quality and user experience.
  4. Choose brands that offer good warranty and support.
  5. Hoverboards can take several hours to charge, so be patient.
  6. Electric scooters move at a speed between 4 and 25 km per hour, and most of their batteries have a capacity of 15 to 25 km.
  7. Check the weight of the hoverboard you want before buying so that you don’t have problems transporting it.
  8. Don’t expect to be able to climb steep slopes with a hoverboard.
  9. Don’t spend more than usual on an electric scooter, unless you plan to use it as a sport. Basic models will probably provide you with enough excitement.
  10. Be familiar with the traffic rules and the places where you can use a scooter or hoverboard.
  11. Don’t buy from brands that don’t have warranty and reliable after-sales service and are not easily available

What is an electric hoverboard or scooter and how does it work?

If you are not familiar with this device, you should know that hoverboards are a type of modern personal vehicle that we can actually call electric scooters without a steering wheel. To ride this device, you have to place each of your feet near one of the wheels, and thanks to some precise sensors built into it, hoverboards can magically maintain their balance.

Hoverboard or electric scooter

Lean forward slightly and start going up to 8 or 16 km/h or in some cases 24 km/h. Lean back and slow down or reverse the movement of the device. To go around, alternately push forward with one foot and back with the other.

Golden hoverboard or electric scooter

Hoverboards have an internal rechargeable battery that drives one or sometimes two motors on the wheels. Depending on the model, there may be other features such as a smart key system or even an app to prevent others from getting in.

Today’s hoverboards are not something you see in science fiction movies; Of course, companies like Lexus And Hendo They have produced truly floating, wheelless boards, but these devices are not for sale at this time.

Safety concerns about electric scooters

Serious safety concerns have been raised by hoverboards; In the sense that some of them caught fire either while charging or riding! The National Fire Association of the United States of America has recently issued a warning that explosions in hoverboards are not rare and unique! The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is also investigating ten cases of fires related to this device in nine states. Due to these concerns, the Amazon online store has recently removed many hoverboard brands from the sales list.

British authorities have tested more than 15,000 imported hoverboards for faulty batteries since October. They found that nearly 90 percent of them were at risk of overheating or exploding. Before you buy, look at the brand you’re considering to make sure it’s not a high-risk model.

Fire officials have also mentioned tips on how to prevent electric scooters from catching fire. For example, do not leave it unattended while charging. Do not overcharge the battery or leave it plugged in overnight. Use only the original chargers for your device and avoid buying counterfeit or other cheap chargers.

Notice who wants to ride the hoverboard

Even if your 3-year-old is a pro at using a scooter, don’t let him ride a hoverboard! Let’s be clear: hoverboards are not intended for small children. Moving at a speed of 16 to 25 km/h and hitting the edges of the sidewalk table can be a disaster for a child; The same for the elderly. Most electric scooters are recommended for ages 12 and up. If you weigh more than 90 kg, you can ride this device, but the speed and distance traveled will decrease.

The quality of the hoverboard

If you’re ordering online, it can be difficult to tell the build quality of a product, but you should know that there are many differences in the build quality of electric scooters. The frame, body material, metal and plastic wheels, internal motors, sensors and other electronic components may all be different.

Making an electric hoverboard or scooter

Read customer reviews of online stores to learn about scratch-prone bodies (apparently the Achilles’ heel of all models) or tires that wear out or batteries that fail too quickly.

Electric scooter charging time

Batteries are almost everything in a hoverboard! The battery determines how fast you can go and how far you can travel. On the other hand, they can add to the weight of the hoverboard. Charging time also depends on the battery.

New black and red electric scooter and hoverboard

Hoverboard speed and range

In terms of speed, most models offer similar performance, somewhere between 4 and 16 km/h. There are also models that reach higher speeds of up to 24 km/h. These speeds don’t sound like much, but consider that for many people this is the equivalent of running while not even moving your legs!

The actual range of a hoverboard is difficult to judge, as several factors affect how long and how far you can travel; Including the type of terrain, slope of the route, speed and weight of the rider. According to the conditions we mentioned, most models can travel 15 to 25 kilometers on a flat surface.

to be portable

If you’re going to be cruising around town all day, the weight of the hoverboard is important. The weight of most of these devices is between 10 and 15 kg. Carrying this weight may not be difficult for short distances, but it will certainly not be easy for long distances.

It is better to buy a carrying case for your device. Note that this bag has enough space for the charger. You may need to bring the charger with you.

Electric scooter pricing

While most hoverboards are practically the same, a few come at a premium. Higher-end models, which are naturally more expensive, have a sturdier body that better withstands heavier riders and road bumps and bumps. A few also have dual direct drive motors that offer more power and range. Some have a remote control to lock the device and a Bluetooth speaker to play music.

Razer red hoverboard or electric scooter

It is obvious that more features are more expensive, however, it is not clear that models that are several times more expensive than others are worth buying. We recommend that you buy models that have a reasonable price.

Prohibited areas

As counterintuitive as it may seem, some cities and countries have laws that prohibit the use of hoverboards on sidewalks as well as streets. It means that you may not be allowed to ride an electric scooter in a place other than the parking lot, corridor or basement of your house! Examples include New York City, where riding on the street or sidewalk can result in a $200 fine, as well as London, which has a strict policy against electric vehicles such as electric scooters. California, on the other hand, has passed a law that is set to go into effect soon. According to this law, if the safety and age conditions are met, it will be legal to use hoverboards on bicycle paths.

Important explanation

United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently stated that none of the hoverboards currently on the market are safe for consumers. The CPSC announced a new set of safety standards to manufacturers and retailers and required them to remove their products from the market before receiving safety certification from UL (an independent safety certification company). As a buyer, you should also look for UL certification for new hoverboard purchases and consult with the seller about recalls on recently purchased electric scooters.

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