Everything you need to know about Android security updates!


Mobile security patches are very common these days, and there are many ways to get them and keep your phone up to date. Now, if you are curious about what actions and corrections Google makes in these updates and security patches and how these patches reach you, I suggest you not to miss this article.

Google has published the details of the latest Android security patch and the modifications made to Pixel phones. This update includes fixes for Android security holes. Of course, it should be noted that problems such as operating system bugs or old drivers have no effect on security and are not considered a security problem, but should be investigated and fixed by the operating system developer.


After these security patches are released by Google, phone manufacturers use them to provide updates for your phone.

These updates are sent to the best Android phone manufacturers within 30 days at most, but Google cannot force a company to deliver those updates to you. So if you’re using a Samsung, Motorola, or any other non-Google phone, you’ll have to wait for them to send you updates from Google in most cases.

Of course, Google has security checks in place to prevent any problems with your phone due to security exploits. Whenever you add an app to your phone, it’s checked by Verify Apps and SafetyNet and approved as safe to install, it’s important to note that these services are supported by seamless Google Play updates regardless of any interruptions from The manufacturer or the telecommunications company are published.

Thanks to Project Mainline, devices running Android 10 and above may also receive Google security updates as Google Play Service updates.

Some important security fixes September 2022

  • Android, Runtime and System components have had very severe problems.
  • Media Framework components were updated via Project Mainline.
  • Imagination, Qualcomm, Unisoc and MediaTek exclusive patches were made available for devices that use components from those manufacturers.
Pixel specific updates

Pixel security update

Every month, Google releases a few Pixel-specific patches for phones that are currently supported by Google. For example, for September 2022 (the month before and the last security patch released for the Pixel), security issues were fixed, as well as excessive battery drain, slow fingerprint recognition, and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

More details at Android security website (Android Security website) There is. You can also see security patch details for Pixel devices here.

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