Ethereum is moving closer to full censorship after complying with OFAC rules


Given that protocol-level censorship is considered a major obstacle to the open purpose and accessibility of finance in the crypto environment, the crypto community is closely monitoring and observing the rise of blocks that conform to ““Foreign Capital Ledger Rules” (abbreviated as OFAC) It is on the Ethereum blockchain network. According to the news agency Cointelegraph, in the last 24 hours, 73% of Ethereum blocks have been created according to the rules of this government body.

In October of this year, there was a report about concerns about the increase in censorship on Ethereum. Cointelegraph claims that at the time, 51 percent of the network’s blocks were built to FAC standards. Meanwhile, new data indicates that the number of said blocks has increased in the last month, and on November 3, 73% of blocks were at risk of censorship.


Some MEV-Boost relays are regulated by OFAC standards and thus are able to censor certain transactions. As a result, in order to ensure the neutral position of the Ethereum network, this blockchain must accept relays that do not play a role in censorship.

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Ethereum validators are able to reduce compliance with OFAC standards. By discarding transaction censoring relays in their MEV-Boost configuration, such as Manifold, Roolayor, BloXroute, and Max Profit, these validators can Help reduce censorship in the network.

Compliance with OFAC rules allows the US government to impose economic and trade sanctions on the network. Of course, it should be considered that in the past months, this body banned the cryptocurrency mixer “Tornado Cash”. Currently, 45% of Ethereum network blocks are made in accordance with OFAC rules.

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