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Traveling by car is one of the fun and enjoyable things you can do with friends and family, but do you have all the necessary equipment? Aside from a full tank of gas, what else do you need?

To enjoy your travels more, it is better to have some things with you. In this article, you will get acquainted with a number of accessories and gadgets suitable for travel.


Bringing along a number of gadgets including a charger to keep everyone’s devices powered up, a holder to hold the phone at eye level (to use navigation apps) and a fridge to keep drinks cold can make the trip more enjoyable.

You might want to entertain your backseat passengers, so it’s great to have a Bluetooth receiver to stream music and a holder to hold your mobile game console, mobile phone or tablet. If the car has a battery problem, we will offer you a means to solve this problem. Read on to introduce you to the gadgets that are better to take with you on your next trip.

Multi-port lighter charger

If you don’t want to worry about charging your gadgets and your companions while traveling, a lighter charger with multiple ports is one of your travel essentials. These types of chargers are available in different types with different prices in the market; But don’t forget to buy all electronic equipment, including lighter chargers, only from reputable brands with original warranty and from reputable sellers. This device can be equipped with features such as advanced protection circuits and fast charging. Of course, more facilities require a higher price. We recommend that you choose a lighter charger according to the features of your gadgets.

Mobile holder

If you want to easily use navigation apps, using a holder that keeps the phone in your line of sight is the best thing to do. These holders are available in different types such as magnetic and with mechanical arms. Some holders also have more features such as an infrared sensor for automatic opening and closing in order to place the mobile phone more easily, as well as a wireless charger. To choose and buy the best mobile phone holders for use in cars, article Introducing the best mobile phone holder for cars at different prices read the

Phone and tablet holder for rear passengers

When your kids or other companions are in the back seat and they get tired of holding their phone, tablet or game console during a long trip, using a holder that is installed behind the car seat looks great. In this way, children can watch movies while comfortably leaning on the back seat. Usually, these holders are installed between the bars behind the head of the front seat, and the size of the location of the phone and the viewing angle can be adjusted.

Tracker tag

One of the worst things that can happen on a trip is losing important things. By having several tracking tags and attaching them to your belongings and luggage, you can prevent them from being lost or stolen, and even if you lose a device, you can find it on the map using the app associated with the tag.

You can also attach one of these tags to your child’s clothing to make sure they don’t get lost, because you’ll be notified by an alarm when they get away from you.

Bluetooth audio receiver

If your car audio system does not have Bluetooth or you are tired of its poor quality, you can buy a Bluetooth audio receiver. It is enough that the audio system has an AUX input; Even otherwise, you can buy models that only connect via a USB port. With this device, you can easily and safely talk or play the music stored in the phone through the motion sound system. In addition, in this way, you will hear the sound of online music programs, podcasts and audio books from the car speaker.

power bank

These days it is essential to have at least one power bank; For traveling, having this very useful and practical accessory is one of the main travel accessories. Of course, you might think that you won’t need a power bank with a lighter charger, but if you get away from the car and spend the night in a camping or tent, or even want to go hiking in the middle of nature and your phone doesn’t have enough charge, You understand the importance of the subject. Like all accessories, power bank has a lot of variety in terms of design, features, capacity, charging power and price. To know the best models available, you can read the article Introducing the best power banks available in the Iranian market read the

car refrigerator

With a small refrigerator that works with the car’s 12-volt electricity, you can enjoy cool drinks along the way. A number of models have adjustable temperature and can reduce the temperature to zero degrees or even have a freezer. There are even models that can be heated. You can choose the features and size of the refrigerator according to your needs and then proceed to purchase.

Jump starter

The sudden and accidental failure of the car battery is one of the events that can happen at any time; In such cases, you should either call for help or wait for someone to save you from the trouble with the help of his car battery. Either way, it’s a waste of time and energy, but there’s a better way: carry a jump starter. Jump starter is actually a power bank that, in addition to charging your phone, can also turn on your car in an emergency. Most models also have a flashlight, which is sometimes very useful.

Dashboard camera

Filming with a dashboard camera is a fun way to capture the memories of your family trip. These cameras also perform well in low light and can show your location on top of the video using built-in GPS. A number of models have a screen, so you can watch your video on the go.

This device also has a protective and security role; It can be especially useful when you park and walk away from the car. The dash cam detects the impact and automatically wakes up and starts recording.

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